September 22, 2001
Challenge.-Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

Tournament Director: Chris Coletti

Total Entries: 104 

Men's Novice Right Hand 70kg:
1st. Dan Corl  
2nd. Adam Sellers
3rd. Jason Snair

Men's Novice Right Hand 80kg:
1st. Dion Catscher
2nd. Jesse Brown
3rd.Jeremiah Herr

Men's Novice Right Hand 90kg:
1st. Jay Holloway
2nd. Victor Barnett
3rd. Tommy Brumbley

Men's Novice Right Hand 100kg:
1st.Dino Christoforakis
2nd. Dock Lowey  
3rd. Andy Roark

Men's Novice Right Hand 100+kg: 
1st. Chuck Westberry 
2nd. Carey Nick      
3rd. Roger Felkel

 Men's Novice Right Hand Overall Champion:  Chuck Westberry

Men's Open Right Hand 70kg:   
1st. Hud Mathis     
2nd. Lee Young              
3rd.  Brian Entrekin

Men's Open Right Hand 80kg:   
1st. Scott Horath  
2nd. Daniel McCormick 
3rd. Brian Entrekin

Men's Open Right Hand 90kg:   
1st. GlennBrooks 
2nd. Keith Crocker         
3rd. Jay Holloway

Men's Open Right Hand 100kg: 
1st.Greg Helm       
2nd Terry Burgin            
3rd. Jeff Head

Men's Open Right Hand 100+kg: 
1st Cleve Dean  
2nd. Greg Helm               
3rd. Carey Nick

 Men's Open Right Hand Overall Champion:  Cleve Dean


Men's Open Left Hand 65kg:   
1st. Chris Coletti      
2nd. Kevin Geren   
3rd. Dale Mitchell

Men's Open Left Hand 80kg:    
1st Scott Horath     
2nd. Chris Coletti    
3rd. John Brooks

Men's Open Left Hand 90kg:    
1st Glenn Brooks   
2nd. Keith Crocker 
3rd. Shane Alger

Men's Open Left Hand 100kg:  
1st Scott Horath    
2nd. Jeff Head          
3rd. Keith Crocker

Men's Open Left Hand 
100+kg: 1st. Cleve Dean   
2nd. Roger Felkel    
3rd. David Fredrickson

 Men's Open Left Hand Overall Champion:  Cleve Dean


Women's Right Hand Open:   
1st Debbie Killingsworth 
2nd. Denise Dowling  
3rd.Beth Westberry


Team Champion:  
1st Emerald Coast Battlers   
2nd Jacksonville ArmBusters   
3rd. Alabama Armwrestling Team




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