Grand Victoria Presents Championship Armwrestling II

Grand Victoria Casino , Rising Sun, IN Ė January 29, 2005

Tournament Directors Leonard Harkless & Denise Wattles

Novice Right 0-154: Ron Perry Jr./ Ted Ingledue/ Harley Robbins/ Greg Arnold

Novice Right 155-176: Mike Adams/ TJ Holbert/ Jonathan Leftwich/ Bob Smith

Novice Right 177-198: Brad Simpson/ Steven Bradley/ Benjamin Montgomery

Novice Right 199+: Dan McKinney/ Randy Malkowski/ Shawn Curry/ Mark Hayworth


Amateur Left 0-154: Drew Dominique/ Justin Morris/ Ted Ingledue

Amateur Left 155-176: Mike Knepp/ Jim Ingledue

Amateur Left 177-198: Romanas Olibininkas/ Nathan Boyd/ Brad Simpson/ Lanny Julian

Amateur Left 199-242: Randy Malkowski/ Jim Ingledue

Amateur Left 243+: Bill Nelson/ John Bates/ Blake Perry/ Larry Kelley


Amateur Right 0-154: Drew Dominique/ Ted Ingledue

Amateur Right 155-176: Troy McKeehan/ Mike Knepp/ Mike Dawson/ K Archipovas

Amateur Right 177-198:Brad Simpson/ Lanny Julian/ D. Martusevicius/ R. Olibininkas

Amateur Right 199-242: Arturas Likowski/ Randy Malkowski/ Shawn Curry

Amateur Right 243+: Blake Perry/ John Bates/ Larry Kelley


Ladies Amateur right Open: Darlene Ingledue/ Sherry Haist/ Stacy Ingledue/ Julie Julian


Pro Left 0-165: Nick Kleiber/ Jeremy Hurst/ Cobra Rhodes/ Willie Reagan

Pro Left 166-198: Steve Rau/ Gerald Dees/ Tony Kitowski/ R. Olibininkas

Pro Left 199-242: Rex Davidson/ Jeff Bradley/ Blaine Middleton

Pro Left 243+: Pete Wabuda/ Harold Owens/ Bill Nelson/ Larry Kelley


Ladies Pro Right Open: Dalia Medziausyte/ Aline Dees/ Darlene Ingledue/ Shannon Tomblan


Pro Right 0-165: Cobra Rhodes/ Jeremy Hurst/ Mike Dawson/ Nick Kleiber

Pro Right 166-198: Steve Rau/ Greg Thompson/ Rick Firsich/ Terry West

Pro Right 199-242: Mike West/ Jeff Bradley/ Blaine Middleton/ Arturas Likowski

Pro Right 243+: Harold Owens/ Kenny Flynn/ Pete Wabuda/ Blake Perry


Menís Right Hand Overall Champion: Harold Owens


Menís Left Hand Overall Champion: Steve Rau


Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Dalia Medziausyte


Best Sportsmanship Award: Bill Arnold



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