2003 Georgia State 
Armwrestling Championships


Men's Right Hand Open

0-154 1st Jason Bushnell 2nd DJ Rayfield
155-176 Lee Culpepper 2nd Michael Walden
177-198 1st Stump Burton 2nd Jay Holloway
243+ 1st David Skinner 2nd Stump Burton 3rd Jay Holloway 4th Johnny Murrah

Ladies Open Right Hand

0-143 1st Casi King 2nd Julie Hullum
144+ 1st Nicole Cisco 2nd Martha Hullum

Men's Open Left Hand

0-154 1st Jason Bushnell
155*-176 1st Lee Culpepper 2nd Danial Worley 3rd Jason Bushnell 4th Joe Dando
177-198 1st Jay Holloway 2nd Sam Johnson
243+ 1st Johnnie Murrah 2nd Jay Holloway 3rd Sam Johnson


Men's Novice Right Hand

0-154 1st DJ Rayfield
155-176 1st Michael Walden
177-198 1st Jeff Franek 2nd Sam Johnson
199+ 1st Matt Murrell 2nd Phillip Aderhold 3rd Johnny Murrah 4th Jacob Meador

Men's Right Hand Overall Champion David Skinner

Men's Left Hand Overall Champion Johnnie Murrah

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion Nicole Cisco



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