November 24, 2001

Leonard & Denise,

We thank you for your proposal from the United States Armwrestling Association.  We appreciate your offer to become a member of the "umbrella organization" known as United States Armsports (U.S.A.).

As in every day business, any time one entity is approached to join/merge with another, there must be a complete and total knowledge of exactly who and what they are possibly merging with.  As soon as we know some details of the "umbrella organization" that you have asked us to join, then we will know how we may move forward to operate together.  Therefore, as you, the USAA, are already a member of the "umbrella organization" United States Armsports, we ask you the following:

1.  Who owns United States Armsports?
2.  Is it a legally registered company, corporation, LLC, or DBA?
3.  Who are the legally registered officers of United States Armsports?
4.  Is it legally registered as profit or non profit?
5.  Can you please provide us with a copy of the United States Armsports Constitution & By-Laws?

Please do not consider any of our questions as negative.  These negotiations must be considered business and are not personal.  We are merely trying to establish what exactly the umbrella organization (U.S.A.) is and how it operates before making any commitments.

We look forward to your response,

Frank & Karen



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