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Message from Mr. Fred Roy
WAF President

 Ladies and Gentlemen;

    Before we start please make note of the change of date of next year's WAF championship.
THE WAF CHAMPIONSHIPS WILL BE NOV. 17 - 24, COLLINSVILLE, ILLINOIS, USA. Everything else remains the same, venues, etc. The booking agency at the venue booked the wrong dates. Please make sure to pass this change of date to all your people and organizations.

    The last year, 2001, showed an immense growth in numbers and strength in our organization. The championships in Poland were quite unbelievable, with 895 (see editors note at bottom) competitors from 29 countries.  We had a very productive General Assembly and our tournament went smoothly, on schedule in spite of the numbers. Igor and Anna, along with their volunteers, did some great work. As with every championship we come away with some opportunities for the future. On behalf of the World Armwrestling Federation (WAF), I wish to extend a big thank you and congratulations to them and continued success on their promotions of armwrestling.

    I would like to recap some of the highlights that we have addressed and it is important for member countries to comply.
bulletCountries must have paperwork showing the minutes of their General Assemblies and results of their elections. This will help promote credibility of our sport, not only in their home countries but in the eyes of the world.
bulletAthletes must have with them during the weigh ins proof of their Nationality. This will help us control the problem of having athlete's from other countries trying to compete on other country rosters.
bulletUnity of armwrestling throughout the world is of the utmost importance and we will be pursuing this aggressively. The EAF is taking tremendous strides towards that effort and we hope the other continental bodies will take that lead and do the same.
For more information on next year's worlds please visit www.armwrestling.com  or contact the host director, Mr. Tony Picchioldi <ilarms@yahoo.com> or 618-406-0348 or the United States Armsport (USA), Mr. Leonard Harkless <hdawards@mbusa.net> or myself at the return e-mail or 306-763-0899.

Till next time, yours in armwrestling! 

Fred Roy

Editors note:  armwrestling.com had reported 809 entrants but final audit showed there were a total of 895 competitors.



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