Armsport Federation




Meeting opened at 18.45

Those present:  Assen Hadjitodorov                                        Bulgaria

                                Mr. Gusov                                             Russia

                                Vladimir Petrenko                                 Ukraine

                                Kim Shoesmith                                     England

                                Milan Svoboda                                      Czech Republic

                                Eva Grossmanova                                 Czech Republic

                                Neil Pickup                                           England

                                Willy Deneumostier                               Belgium (Proxy vote for Gregory Scheider France)

                                David Shead                                         England

                                Harri Naskali                                        Finland

                                Petra Spatz                                         Germany

                                Andy Scherrer                                      Switzerland

                                Pascal Girard                                       Switzerland

                                David Eilertsen                                      Norway

                                Kamil Kehale                                        Turkey

                                Alison Cox                                            England

                                Alexander Filimonov                               Russia

                                Ovseyan Andranis                                  Armenia

                                Igor Shishkov                                         Uzbekistan

                                Roine Eklund                                         Sweden

                                Sylvester Giuliay                                     Hungary

                                Kathy Defeche                                        Belgium

                                Mr Joaquin Jamie                                    Spain

                                Motti Benita                                             Israel

                                David Tchalidze                                        Georgia

                                Anna Korzeniewska                                  Poland

                                Pavel Zhivora                                            Russia

                                Valery Babuk                                            Belarus

                                Milan Capla                                              Slovakia

                                Dimiter Dachiev                                         Bulgaria

                                Stanisastus Mednig                                   Latvia 

23 Countries represented                Members absent                Lithuania

 Assen Hadjitodorov opened the meeting and welcomed everybody.


1. Opening speech, reports of the co-presidents;

Mr. Gusov:

Welcomed everybody and thanked them for coming, He hopes that we will all understand each other and the first step of success has been taken. We all want the same thing unification, which is the only way we can look at the IOC prospective. Everybody has the agenda and his proposal was to discuss all the things concerning these championships.

He suggests that we vote for the Head Referee and the Director of Scoring and the jury.

For some reasons he did not have the chance to discuss some questions with his board i.e.: His federation has a proposal of confirming 3 degrees of awards Bronze, Silver & Gold which will be the highest. To confirm the flag of the EAF Federation, the example of the International license for referees & a commission who will approve the candidates. Diplomas of the Armsport Federation.

He hopes to discuss these matters with his board before tomorrow’s congress meeting.

Therefore his proposal is to discuss current things today and the 1st aim is to unify.

 (Mr Capla arrived 19.00)

 Assen Hadjitodorov

He is very happy that after 4 years of separation that we are all here together again and to have a unified EAF Championships. He hopes that we will not make the same mistakes of the past and that we will stay together.

                He thanked the hosting Federation the Czech Republic who engaged with everybody to achieve these unified championships. He thinks that in the 4 years apart that both sides have brought their Federations forward but it is better to be together.

                We need official recognition for the EAF to show that we are working and the main reason to vote for unification is to work in a democratic way.

               We all know we have a lot of problems in front of us to discuss and resolve. I ask that everybody has a right to express their opinion but should also listen to others opinions as well.

            In front of you is the financial report from Assen and if there are no questions on this please ask him.

The members were asked for questions on the report but there was none.

Moved onto discuss the agenda. Assen thanked members for spending their money to come to these championships and he hopes for a very positive outcome to this Congress meeting, and to achieve unification.

 Mr Gusov

Asked that each side discusses their own financial report with their members and tomorrow he will present his financial report.

 Milan Capla

He is happy that we are all here together in a large group of the people who like armsport. We are all speaking to responsible people like the GAISF, and having discussions on discipline. 

Willy Deneumostier

Thanked Mr. Milan Svoboda and stated that we are here to discuss the EAF and if any members want to discuss the WAF they can speak to himself of Milan Capla.

 Milan Svoboda

He is very happy that we are all here together and welcomed the members to this championships.

He thanked Petra Spatz for her hard work towards this meeting.

 2. Formal Arrangements;

Vote for the chairman/speaker;

 He proposed that the members choose Petra Spatz & Eva Grossmanov to chair the meeting.

 Petra Spatz

She is very happy that we are here and hopes we can have a successful meeting and we need a neutral chairperson for this meeting to make the votes for next year which will be accepted by all and make this meeting a success.

Proposes Neil Pickup.

 Milan Capla

Proposes Assen Hadjitodorov & Mr Gusov

 Pavel Zhivora

Expressed in his opinion that we are here to unify and his proposal is to vote for the 2 presidents to be the neutral persons.

 Both David Eilertsen from Norway and Kamil Kehale were nominated but neither wanted to accept this position.


 For one neutral person to chair the meeting                  16 votes

For the 2 President to chair the meeting                         2 votes

Abstain                                                                        5 votes

Vote carried


Petra Spatz to chair the meeting                                    9 votes

Neil Pickup to chair the meeting                                    12 votes

Abstain                                                                         2 votes

 Neil Pickup

Thanked the members for their confidence in him and he would do his best to get through the agenda as quickly as possible.


Vote for the minute keepers one from each EAF

 Proposals are;

 Kim Shoesmith & Larissa to take the minutes

 Petra Spatz to count the votes


All in favor

 David Shead

All the minutes are agreed by both sides and then approved by the members.


Everyone limited speech 3 mins.


To limit the time per speaker to 3 mins

             All in favor

             Kamil Kehale

We cannot be unified until we have one federation; so number 5 on the agenda will be answered.


3. Approval of the agenda of the Congress

            Neil Pickup

To vote for the approval of the agenda

Clarified the point that we would be voting on unification today. On that one point. 


To unify today      20 votes

Abstain                  3 votes                           

Mr Gusov

Stated that this was not his proposal but it was to discuss the points for this championships arrangement only.


4Vote for unification of the armsport federation.

 Petra Spatz

We want unification 

Neil Pickup

We will vote again for and against unification today


 For unification today 23 Votes

 Mr Gusov

Now let us discuss the arrangements for these championships.

 Neil Pickup

Proceed with the agenda

Point 7 needs to be taken out as this has been covered now.

Point 10 should be taken out as we are here to discuss EAF not WAF. 


To take these two points out                20 Votes

Abstain                                                 3 votes 

Assen Hadjitorodov

Translated the agenda.   


To approve the agenda points 1-6, 8 & 9, 11-14                23 votes all in favor.

 He reminded the congress that we must listen to each other.


5.This championship arrangements

Vote for the Head Referee 

General discussions about whether these posts should stand for one year or 2 years (2004).

Various opinions were that we should do this year first, to make a vote and not to discuss for a further 2 hours

Alexander Filimonov

So there is no misunderstanding firstly we are unified and we do not have a new constitution to follow so we must follow the old one and should elect a head referee, a secretary, a chairman of the appeals committee, 2 members of the appeals committee and two secretaries. He suggested two sets of people.


He does not understand why the Head Referee is not from the hosting country.

 David Shead

The Head Referee is only the Head referee for the EAF and acts in this role at the European Championships. Usually for a term of 4 years.

These statutes have been registered with the European Community.

 Neil Pickup

We must move forward on this and should support anything that givers the EAF more recognition.

 Milan Capla

It is more important to discuss these championships.

 Neil Pickup

Clarified there are two proposals;

1 to vote a head referee for 1 year

2 to vote a head referee for two years


For the post to be for one year                6 votes

For the post to be for two years                13 votes

Abstain                                                  4 votes 

Mr Gusov & Kamil Kehale proposed David Shead

Alexander Filimonov proposed Harri Naskali


For David Shead                     9 votes

For Harri Naskali                   12 votes

Abstain                                  2 votes

 Vote for Director of scorekeeping

 Director of Score Keeping for 1 year or 2 years

                VOTE TAKEN

                For 1 year                        3 votes

                For 2 years                      15 votes

                Abstain                            5 votes   

                Proposals for Director of scorekeepers are;

                Kim Shoesmith                 9 Votes

                Marian Capla                    12 votes

                Abstain                              2 votes

                David Shead

                Proposed we vote all the positions for 1 year or 2 years instead of separately.

                 Some discussion was held by Latvia but was not suitable to be translated into English.


   Pointed out Marian Capla had developed a computer system for the scorekeeping.

   Willy Deneumostier

    Pointed out that Kim Shoesmith had done the same.


                6. The next European Championships

Report of Petra Spatz- Germany 

Petra talked about the championships for next year happy to say that it will be in the holidays in Germany near to Frankfurt and she hopes that all the members will come. It will be held from the 22nd of July 2002

           On the Thursday/Friday/Saturday.

She hoped that we would finish this meeting in a good way and continue this good work for next year.        

 Assen Hadjitodorov

Last year in Italy myself and Mr Gusov agreed to got to Germany but he would like the Congress to vote on this to make it more official.


To hold Europeans in Germany 2003                All in favor


Countries with two federations

 Neil Pickup

Discussing how countries with 2 Federations will be treated at the next championships

 Assen Hadjitorodov

The question is to avoid these situations and treat those countries with 2 Federations correctly. 

Alexander Filimonov

He feels that it is the responsibility of the EAF to verify that the Federation they will accept is the one properly recognized and supported by the country’s government. The one that has the official paperwork from their ministry of sport.

 Russia has recently had two Federations and they held united championships and they can suggest to other countries in a similar position to do the same. Both of the Russian Federations took part and it was recognized by the State IOC.

His proposal is that the EAF recognize the Federation with the official documentation from their Government/Sports Ministry/IOC.

 Pavel Zhivora

Stated that the words from Mr Filimonov were not the truth and that indeed there was a united Championships, where they held a conference where Mr Filimonov voted for the point that our official sports Federation recognized his Federation. Is it common to vote for yourself?  He offered to check all the official paperwork from the sports ministry.

His proposal it to allow both Russian Federations to compete next year.

 Willy Deneumostier

This is not allowed by our constitution. We made an exception for this year, as we wanted the unification.

The best thing to do is to follow the constitution.

 Mr Gusov

The Russian constitution allows there to be two Federations, and we cannot speak about the EAF constitution as a new one does not exist yet.   

Milan Capla

Some Federations are big some are small, many different sports have more than one federation so does it matter. As long as only the best 2 are represented at the EAF Championships.

 Pascal Girard

For once he agrees with Milan Capla that it doesn’t matter how many Federations there are in a country as long as only one team represents the EAF Championships.

 Eva Grossmanova

Also agrees with this point as long as we allow one competitor from each Federation.

Proposal that if the two Federations cannot decide who to decide to send then the EAF will decide to accept one from each side but only if they cannot agree. 

Willy Deneumostier

To clarify the EAF and the WAF’s constitution that they can only recognized one member Federation from each country.

 David Eilertsen

We should make small steps not big steps it is very important for our mail goal is IOC recognition and the Olympics. Norway is already recognized by their countries IOC and to get the recognition we must only have one National federation.

 Alexander Filimonov

As long as the EAF keep open communication to both national Federations and look at which one is recognized by their national Government/Sports Ministry. 

Milan Capla

This is an internal problem that Russia needs to sort out.

                 Mr Gusov

We should not break the rules.


That the EAF will recognize only one National Federation and verify the official one         9 votes in favor

 The EAF do not mind how many National Federations there are but only allow one team at the EAF with two      athletes                                                      7 votes in favor

 Hungary and Armenia are absent

                Therefore there will be only one team recognized by the EAF for Germany next year.


                Weight classes

This was decided to leave this discussion until tomorrow and any suggestions should be put in writing for tomorrows meeting. 

General discussion and it was decided to leave the rest of the agenda until tomorrow’s meeting

A few points of information with regards to tomorrow. 

Meeting was adjourned at 21.40.





Meeting opened at 19.25

Those present:          Assen Hadjitodorov                      Bulgaria

                                Mr Gusov                                    Russia                    (absent)

                                Vladimir Petrenko                        Ukraine                 

                                Kim Shoesmith                            England

                                Milan Svoboda                             Czech Republic                (absent)

                                Eva Grossmanova                        Czech Republic

                                Neil Pickup                                  England

                                Willy Deneumostier                       Belgium (Proxy vote for Gregory Scheider France)

                                David Shead                                  England

                                Harri Naskali                                  Finland

                                Petra Spatz                                   Germany

                                Andy Scherrer                                 Switzerland

                                Pascal Girard                                  Switzerland

                                David Eilertsen                                 Norway

                                Kamil Kehale                                   Turkey

                                Alison Cox                                       England

                                Alexander Filimonov                          Russia

                                Ovseyan Andranis                             Armenia                 (absent)

                                Igor Shishkov                                     Uzbekistan

                                Roine Eklund                                    Sweden                  (absent)

                                Sylvester Giuliay                                Hungary                                (absent)

                                Kathy Defeche                                   Belgium

                                Mr Joaquin Jaime                               Spain                      (absent)

                                Motti Benita                                       Israel                      (absent)

                                David Tchalidze                                  Georgia                  (absent)

                                Igor Mazurenko                                  Poland

                                Pavel Zhivora                                     Russia                    (absent)

                                Valery Babuk                                     Belarus

                                Milan Capla                                       Slovakia

                                Marian Capla                                      Slovakia

                                Dimiter Dachiev                                   Bulgaria

                                Stanisasus Mednig                              Latvia                     (absent)                                                

                                Mukan Agzamov                                  Kazakstan

                                Vladimir Drexler                                    Kazakhstan

                                Panteley Filikidi                                    Greece

                                                                                          Lithuania              (absent)


18 Countries represented         

Neil Pickup

Discussed that in the meeting yesterday we made some decisions, which were in contradiction to an agreement signed before these championships between Assen Hadjitordrov and Mr Gusov. Assen will explain the misunderstanding.

 Assen Hadjitodorov

Yesterday we voted for unification only. During the work between Assen and Mr Gusov as the presidents from both sides they made the arrangements for this championships and also that the new Executive Committee would be voted in Germany. We are only voting for the number of persons on the Executive Committee not the positions.

We must vote for this. 

To clarify the situation: If we were to finish the election and to continue to elect the rest of the members of the new Executive Committee as planned we would be breaking the agreement.

We must elect the new committee in Germany.

 Alexander Filimonov

Are we unified or not?

 Neil Pickup

Yes from yesterday we were unified and made a vote in favor of that. As the Congress was not aware of the agreement. So maybe the decisions were incorrect.

The only point that was outside of the agreement was the election of the Executive Committee. In this case everything else stands.

 If a new Executive Committee is elected then Mr Gusov with revert to the same situation and there will still be a split in the EAF. 

Neil Pickup

If we stick to the agreement with Mr Gusov there would be no election of the Executive Committee and we should honor this.

In Germany there would be an election of the new Executive Committee but until then we would stay unified and work together.

 Willy Deneumostier

Stated that from the previous meeting all members were in agreement when voting for unification.

The only problem we have is that in our statues that have been registered with the European Community we must have 5-9 members on the Executive Committee or else we are breaking the law. Therefore we must have 5-9 members on the board or else we will lose our Official Registration and the right to use the name of EAF.

Neil Pickup

As this registration is in place we should try to keep it and not break the rules if at all possible. We must try to work smartly and protect the hard work that has been put in so far.

 Kamil Kehale

If we take out the election and only keep the vote for unification, we will still have a unified body. 

Neil Pickup

The unified championships will be held in Germany next year as all members agreed.

 Assen Hadjitodorov

In Italy when we drafted the agenda we agreed only to unify and discuss the number of members on the Executive Committee, and we would elect the new Committee in Germany. These proposals need to be very well though out, as we need to work the best in armwrestling. If we are not ready then we might make mistakes. Yesterday we elected the Head referee and the Director of Scoring for 2 years. I think we have solved the problem if we only decide how many there will be on the Executive Committee and this we should vote on today.

 David Shead

If we have the election on the number of people to be on the committee only then we will have one new committee with 9 people, which will keep the registration legal and should not break the agreement with Mr Gusov.

 Willy Deneumostier

Stated that he was surprised that Mr Gusov was not present at this second meeting when we are discussing the unification and the future of our sport. The fact that if what one person does not like the result that they can leave and create a new split.

There are two reasons why we need an Executive Committee and I want to vote on this;

1)                   We need someone with the authority and responsibility to give the official authority to Petra Spatz and Germany to hold the 2003 Europeans. So that Petra has the official documentation to take to the authorities and to show that she will be the host for this championships.

2)                   If we do not have an Executive Committee consisting of 5-9 persons we will be breaking the statues of the EAF and we will no longer be recognized by the European Community and will lose our registration.

The proposal is as follows; 

At present we have 2 Executive Committees that have been elected by their respective congresses. There are 6 persons on each;

Mr Gusov                                              Assen Hadjitodorov                       

Vladimir Petrenko                 Kim Shoesmith

Marian Capla                                        Harri Naskali

Milan Svoboda                                     David Shead

Claudio Rizzo                (absent)                 Willy Deneumostier

Mr Astitorov                (absent)                 Federic Andre    (absent)

This is a total of 12 persons, three of these persons are not here in the Czech Republic which leaves us will 9 persons here and working in the Czech Republic. So these people should make up the New Executive Committee. They will not be elected into a post just a member of the Executive Committee. Then they can continue to work together until Germany 2003. There should be one person as a co-coordinator and then the election in Germany.

There are 28 countries here to decide. 

Michael the Russian translator was asked if he was fully aware of what he was translating, he was.

 Kamil Kahale

Explained that Mr Gusov had a burglary in his house and had to return to Russia immediately.

Understands that the full unification will be in Germany and it is very difficult to all get together but easy to split up. If this happens then it will not be easy to get together again. If a new Committee is elected then it is still easy for some individuals to split away.

 David Shead

No matter what agreement we come to here people can still decide to go away from the agreement unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this.

He asked Assen if we were to agree to this proposal and have one big Executive Committee would it break the agreement signed with Mr Gusov?

 Assen Hadjitodorov

Said that it would break the agreement.

His proposal is not to vote on the Executive Committee today but for both Federations to work together until Germany where the vote will take place. The votes from yesterday would stand. With the remaining representatives from the committees working together until Germany. Then unifying in Germany. Which would mean having 12 persons on the Executive Committee. 

Pascal Girard

Thinks that whether it is this year or next this is not so important. What is important is what is best for the armwrestlers.

 Alison Cox

Asked whether the vote taken for Head referee and Scorer would stand with this proposal.

 Marian Capla

Does not understand why we need to vote today.

 Various discussions about what has happened in the past and who wanted to split again.

 Eva Grossmanova

Reminded everyone that they should be limited to 3 minutes to discuss their point and that we have a lot of work to get through. The fact that members should take their time to vote and do it in Germany when everyone has had time to think about who they want to vote for.

 20.50 A small break was taken to allow members to discuss this point before voting.

 Meeting reconvened at 21.10

 Neil Pickup

Before the break you have heard both proposals and now we are going to move swiftly and vote on those points

I am not going to reiterate the points again. We have heard them enough. Can I have a show of hands for Assen’s proposal.

 David Shead

On something as complicated as this he suggested that we hear the exact proposals as written in the minutes so that we know that the minutes are going to correctly reflect what we are voting for.

 Neil Pickup

Proceeded straight to the vote.


Assen Hadjitorodov’s  proposal                 8 votes for

 Willy Deneumostier’s proposal                9 votes for

 1 abstain

 Assen Hadjitodorov

Asked who would be the co-coordinator within this Committee 

All agreed that the 9 members on the committee would nominate one person to act as the co-coordinator.

6. Weight Classes

 Vladimir Petrenko

Proposes to keep them the same as these championships. 

Igor Shishkov

Proposes to add 2 additional weight classes to the disabled classes. So there would be 0kg, 70kg, 80kg, 80+kg

 Some discussion about weight classes, the fact that for some years we have been trying to reduce the amount of classes and that not enough competitors in the disabled and if we vote to keep the same then we do not need to discuss any further. 


 To keep the same weight classes as this year in the Czech Republic

13 votes for

3 votes against

2 Abstain 

Willy Deneumostier

At this championships seniors could not pull in the master’s classes will this stand for next year?

 David Shead

This is not in the rules but was part of the agreement for these championships. So would not be the case for next year.


8. The Next European Championships – The new Constitution

 Willy Deneumostier

Both the Constitutions are the same so if the Executive Committee can check them both and let the members know of any differences.

 Vote all in favor of this

 9. Affiliation of new members – Malta 

Assen Hadjitodorov

Explained that he had received an official application for membership from Malta. They are due to hold their national championships this year and have the support of their Sports Ministry.


To accept Malta                   18 votes for


11. The Official Event Calendar

 Eva Grossmanova

Asked all members to give her the details of their competitions for the rest of this year and next year, so that she may prepare a calendar.

 Willy Deneumostier

Pointed out that all this information is already published on the website. He can give the address to anybody who wants it.

 Assen Hadjitodorov

Discussions regarding bids for the 2004/2005 European Championships.

Bids for 2004                Poland & Belgium

Vote Taken                9 votes for Poland                6 votes for Belgium                3 votes abstain

Therefore 2004 Europeans will be held in Poland.

 Bids for 2005                Bulgaria

Vote taken                17 votes for           1 vote abstain

Therefore 2005 Europeans will be held in Bulgaria.


12. PR Activities – Armpower magazine

 Assen Hadjitodorov

We must have an international magazine and we must all support it and help with the distribution. We currently have the Armpower magazine, which is currently published in English/Russian and Polish, and you can find all the important information from armwrestling. News and results from international competitions in Europe.

Handed over to the editor Igor Mazurenko.

Igor Mazurenko

He thanked those members for their interest in the magazine; this is the 2nd time the magazine has been published and fully at his own expense. He explained that it will be published in a body building magazine and that 21,000 have been published and the 2nd edition is due to be published shortly. The quality of the 1st edition was not as good as he would have liked. Only 1000 have been distributed in the EAF community. So if all the Federations work along with him then it can be translated into many other languages.

He thanked Petra Spatz for the invitation to Germany to cover her competition and asked Neil Pickup for information on his competition.

The championships from all over Europe can be reported on. The Armpower magazine is becoming a leading magazine.

The Bulgarian Muscle and Fitness will be featuring armwrestling.

 Vote taken to accept the Armpower Magazine as the EAF’s official magazine

16 votes for

2 votes abstain

 13. The Official Directory

 All members were asked to provide Eva Grossmanova with their full contact details to make a directory so that all members will receive all the information and we can all keep in touch.

 Meeting closed at 22.00  



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