To Mr. President of the Armsport federation

May 25, 2001

Dear Mr. President!

The European Armsport Federation informs you that the 11-th European Armsport Championship will be held in Gavle (Sweden) 3-7 July of 2001. The championship of disabled athletes and masters and the 6-th Junior European  Armwrestling championship between boys and girls born in 1983-84 will also be there. I express my gratitude to Mr. Andreas Johanson and to the organizing committee for the work in preparing the championships.

Pay attention to the questions that you have to solve before the trip to the championship.

1.      Timely pay the national annual fee of 100$ to the EAF Financial Director Mr.A.Hadgitodorov (Bulgaria) before the beginning of the championship.

2.      I remind you that the EAF Directorate in Belgium took a decision that if the national team numbers 5 and more athletes it should supply minimum 1 referee or pay the money to EAF for providing a referee from the EAF pool of referees.

According to the EAF Constitution we should hold the 12-th Congress in Gavle (Sweden) at which we should hear the reports and elect a new executive committee. The draft agenda is attached. I ask you please send to me all your proposals and desires to be included in the agenda before June 10 of 2001 using fax (007 095) 201-11-10

See you soon,

 EAF President

Igor Akhmedshin


Appendix 1

Draft Agenda

of the XII-th Congress of European Armsport Federation (EAF)

to be held in Gavle, Sweden, in July 3, 2001 at 16.00 hours

1. Report by Mr. Igor Akhmedshin, EAF President

2. Reports of Directors:                         Mrs. Sonia Ellis (general secretary)

                                                            Mr. David Shead (EAF head of the referees)

                                                            Mr. Asen Hadgitodorov (financial director)

3. Election of the new members to EAF Directorate.

4. Approval of draft calendar of competitions in 2002-2003.

            - European Championships in 2002, 2003.

            - Junior European Championships in 2002, 2003.

5. Preparations for the XXII-th World Championship in 2001 (Poland, Mr.I.Mazurenko).

6. IV World Armsport Championship for youngsters in 2001.

7. EAF proposal for an experimental use of a new biathlon system (bouts with left and right arms) with less number of weight categories (Mr. A.Filimonov).

8. Requirements of EAF on organization and holding of competitions (Mr. D.Shead)

9. The report of the WAF general secretary for the period from the Worlds in 2000 in Finland to June 2001 and the changes in executive committees in the different federations (W.Deneumostier)



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