2004 Cowboy State Games Armwrestling
Eastridge Mall - Casper, Wyoming February 14, 2004

Menís Novice Right 0-154: JC Child/ Scott Kegler/ Chris Breckenrich

Menís Novice Right 155-176: Corey Miller/ Eric Holbrook/ Brandon Holdreth

Menís Novice Right 177-198: Jay Dillon/ Dale Snyder/ David Triplett

Menís Novice Right 199+: Steve Miller/ James Wagner/ Kobe Thompson

Ladies Open Right Hand: Shannon Wagner/ Stacy Harrison

Menís Left Hand 0-154: Sam Ideen/ Joe Chandler/ David Wagner

Menís Left Hand 155-176: Blaine Lawrence

Menís Left Hand 177-198: Chris Chandler/ Blaine Lawrence/ Devin Bair

Menís Left Hand 199-242: Chris Chandler/ Chris Roy/ Blaine Moberly

Menís Left Hand 243+: Steve Muller/ Blaine Moberly/ Kobe Thompson

Menís Right Hand 0-132: Anthony Bannon/ Keller Marsh/ David Wagner

Menís Right Hand 133-154: Corey Miller/ Joe Chandler/ Buddy Damiano

Menís Right Hand 155-176: Devin Bair/ Blaine A Lawrence/ Derric Winters Jr.

Menís Right Hand 177-198: Chris Chandler/ Jay Dillon

Menís Right Hand 199-242: Chris Roy/ Chris Chandler/ Blaine Moberly

Menís Right Hand 243+: Steve Muller/ Blaine Moberly/ Kobe A Thompson

Menís Left Hand Overall Champion: Steve Muller

Menís Right Hand Overall Champion: Chris Chandler

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Shannon Wagner



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