2002 Chip In's Casino Michigan State "Border Wars"
Chip-In's Resort & Casino - Harris, Michigan
October 19, 2002


Masters Right Hand Open: Tony LaDuke/ D.J. Kobylarz

Menís Amateur Right Hand 0-154: Brad Dagenais/ John Peffers/ Adam Sherman/ Jesse Sherman
Menís Amateur Right Hand 155-176: Alexis Harrison/ Joe Royer/ Jim Damitz/ Robert Gerlak
Menís Amateur Right Hand 177-198: Art Kossow/ Jeff Kossow/ Steve Hinkson/ Mike Zawada
Menís Amateur Right Hand 199-242: Matt Birk/ D.J. Neadow/ Jeff Johnson/ Josh Royer
Menís Amateur Right Hand 243+: Robert Millan/ Jason Matysik/ Richard Socia/ Jeff Huber


Menís Amateur Left Hand 0-176: Alexis Harrison/ Jeff Zawada
Menís Amateur Left Hand 177-198: Art Kossow/ Jesse Swanson
Menís Amateur Left Hand 199-242: D.J. Neadow/ Claude Alexander/ MikeSegermark/ Mark Reichert
Menís Amateur Left Hand 243+: Jeff Huber/ Steve Southworth


Ladies Left Hand Amateur: Virginia Meng/ Alissa Hanson/ Ester Farrell/ Joyce Blunck


Menís Pro Left Hand 0-176: Marty O'Neil/ Tony LaDuke/ Jason Meng/Jeremiah Anderson
Menís Pro Left Hand 177-198: Jason Remer/ Rett Houdek/ Shane Alger/Andrew Alexander
Menís Pro Left Hand 199-242: John Brzenk/ Mike Bowling/ Lee Bonnett/ MikeSegermark
Menís Pro Left Hand 243+: John Brzenk/ Mike Bowling/ Lee Bonnett/ Jeff Huber


Ladies Pro Right Hand Open: Joyce Blunck/ Virginia Meng/ Alissa Hanson/ Tara Nelson


Menís Pro Right Hand 0-154: Tony LaDuke/ Steve Utter/ Michael Milan/Scott Williams
Menís Pro Right Hand 155-176: Marty O'Neil/ Jeremiah Anderson/ JasonMeng/ Jim Damitz
Menís Pro Right Hand 177-198: Jason Remer/ Rett Houdek/ Steve Rau/ Jeff Vertz
Menís Pro Right Hand 199-242: John Brzenk/ Bill Brzenk/ Mike Bowling/ LeeBonnett
Menís Pro Right Hand 243+: John Brzenk/ Bill Brzenk/ Mike Bowling/ Jeff Huber

Menís Right Hand Overall Champion: Marty O'Neil

 Menís Left Hand Overall Champion: Jason Remer

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Joyce Blunck

Best Sportsmanship Award: Mike Bowling

Team Champions: Wisconsin Pullers - Team Captain, Steve Southworth



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