2002 Chinook Winds "Over the Top"

Battle at the Beach North American Armwrestling Championships

Lincoln City, Oregon

Men's Novice Left 0-154: Doug West

Men's Novice Left 155-176: Shawn Bridgeman/ Mark Morris/ Doug West/ Aaron Senn

Men's Novice Left 199+: Scott Warfield/ Larry Garrison/ Andy Montgomery

Men's Novice Right 0-154: Aaron Perez/ Jason Doud/ Christian Keeney

Men's Novice Right 155-176: Joseph Shetler/ Aaron Senn/ Brian Tibbett

Men's Novice Right 177-198: Denis Phipps/ Bryan Lutter/ Luke Victor

Men's Novice Right 199+: Scott Warfield/ Jayson Burge/ Larry Garrison

Men's Amateur Left Hand 243+: Mark Evans

Ladies Amateur Right 0--143: Debbie Torrance/ Sonya Evans/ Julie Alves

Ladies Amateur Right 144+: Gina Holmberg/ Liz Lane/ Starla Kay

Men's Amateur Right 0-154: Gary Alves

Men's Amateur Right 155-176: Gary Alves/ Aaron Senn

Men's Amateur Right 177-198: Dennis Phipps/ Chris Lundstedt/ David Farrell

Men's Amateur Right 199-242: Paul Collins/ Guy Cullen/ Robert Mallon

Men's Amateur Right 243+: Mark Evans/ Aric Meyers

Men's Pro Left 0-154: Bryan Senn/ Jerry Gray/ Dobbs Pressley

Men's Pro Left 155-176: Bob Brown

Men's Pro Left 177-198: Jacob Abbott/ David Bieler/ Eric Peterson

Men's Pro Left 199-242: John Brzenk/ Jacob Abbott/ Jarrod Levulett

Men's Pro Left 243+: John Brzenk/ Jacob Abbott/ Allen Ferriera

Ladies Pro Right Open: Billie Jo Winfield/ Julie Schultz/ Jennifer Newcomb

Men's Pro Right 0-154: Bryan Senn/ Lance Whitehill/ Dobbs Pressley

Men's Pro Right 155-176: Lee Ecclesfield/ Herman McCoy/ Bob Brown

Men's Pro Right 177-198: Jacob Abbott/ David Bieler/ Herman McCoy

Men's Pro Right 199-242: John Brzenk/ Bill Brzenk/ Jacob Abbott

Men's Pro Right 243+: John Brzenk/ Bill Brzenk/ Jarrod Levulett

Best Sportsmanship Awards: Paul Collins/ Jeff Pultz



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