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California "Open" State Arm Wrestling Championships
Huck Finn's Country & Bluegrass Jubilee
Date: Saturday, June 19, 2004
Place: Mojave Narrows Regional Park, Victorville, California
Hosted By: U.S.A.W.A. Member of United States ArmSports
Sponsored by: Huck Finn Jubilee & Shed World
Tournament Director: Randy Sampias
Referees: Bob Eazor & Steve Harriman
Scorekeeper: Cay Sampias
MC: Randy Sampias
If we had to describe this tournament in one word it would be WOW! This years California
"Open" was one of the most exciting ever! Several first time competitors made some major
upsets! The great part of the "Open" is that you never know when some new raw talent is
going to step up to the table and upset the veteran competitors!
The tournament started at high noon. Shed World provided us with an excellent stage in the
Shade! The competition started off furious and stayed intense all day as competitors from several states battled to take home the Title and one of the prestigious trophies!
RT HAND BANTAM 154lbs & Under                         LEFT HAND BANTAM 154lbs & Under
1st Steve Surber, Escondido, CA                                1st Steve Surber, Escondido, CA
2nd Robert Thrift, Apple Valley, CA                             2nd Thomas Kane, Victorville, CA
3rd John Cummings, Adelanto, CA                              3rd Steve Potts, Riverside, CA
RT HAND LIGHT 155 - 176lbs                                    LEFT HAND LIGHT 155 - 176lbs
1st Harold Ryden, San Marcos, CA                            1st Harold Ryden, San Marcos, CA
2nd Mike Cocchi, San Mateo, CA                              2nd John Burgeson II, Agua Dulce
3rd John Burgeson II, Agua Dulce, CA                        3rd Mike Cocchi, San Mateo, CA
RT HAND MIDDLE 177 - 198lbs                                 LEFT HAND MIDDLE 177 -198lbs
1st Scott Partington, Buena Park, CA                        1st Scott Partington, Buena Park, 
2nd John Burgeson, Canyon Country, CA                   2nd John Burgeson, C C, CA
3rd Mike Bejarano, Victorville, CA                              3rd Mike Cocchi, San Mateo, CA
RT HAND LT HVY 199 - 220lb                                    LEFT HAND LT HVY 199-220
1st Don McClary, Moreno Valley, CA                            1st Erik Olson, Hesperia, CA
2nd John Shaw, Fallon, NV                                          2nd Mike Wildey, Temecula
3rd Mike Wildey, Temecula, CA                                   3rd Don McClary, MV, CA
RT HAND HEAVY 221 - 242                                         LEFT HAND HEAVY 221-242
1st John Shaw, Fallon, NV                                            1st John Shaw, Fallon, NV
2nd Travis Libuse, Victorville, CA                                   2nd Adam Saler, Victorville
3rd James Montgomery, Moore, OK                               3rd Tony Richard, A V, CA
RT HAND SUPER HVY 243 - Over                                 LEFT HAND SUPER HVY 
1st Ed Shelton, Palm Desert, CA                                   1st T J Marino, Apple Valley 
2nd Larry Kibe, Hesperia, CA                                        2nd Bobby Ray, Phelan, CA
3rd T J Marino, Apple Valley, CA                                   3rd Andrew Noe, Palm Desert
                                                        1st Alison Olson, Hesperia, CA
                                                        2nd Kasie Brower, Hesperia, CA
                                                        3rd Jamie Cummings, Adelanto, CA
Thanks to our referees, we had a safe tournament. A good time was had by all who attended!
A special thanks to the board of USA/WAF for their support and encouragement in making this tournament a success!
Yours in Arm Wrestling,
Randy Sampias



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