Ryan Hutchings
Tournament Director and Member of Team USA

California State Armwrestling Championship
Pictures - March 7-8 1998

Eliminated early in the tournament these two pullers were seen leaving Redding in a saucer shaped vehicle.

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Jarrod Levulett
Overall Champion in Pro Right and Left

Scott Sandman and Michelle Rivera
Fox Sports Net Producer


Trenton Meyer displays a few of his medals for his Fox Network Interview
He refused to remove his hat for the interview as "no real Montanan would take off his hat."

Sherry Mundy at her Fox Interview

Ms. Armwrestler
Denise Wattles
(actually Ms. Organized-Armwrestler)

Canadian Legend Dave Hicks

Robert Paul & Eric Peterson

Jarrod Levulett & Jed Hughes

Kenny Hughes & Karl Wiggins

Ted Gray & Jason Matlock

Greg Cox & Jason Arrowsmith

Tracy Jaros & Jennifer Burns

Trenton Meyer & Chris Futhey

Kenny Hughes & Robert Paul

Ted Gray & Jason Matlock

Sherry Mundy & Monica Wozniak

Tray Jaros & Branda Hammon

Trenton Meyer & Doug Brazda

Ray White & Jason Montgomery

Robert Paul & Eric Peterson

Michelle Kelly and Sherry Mundy

Troy Tanner & Lee Ecclesfield

Clayton Bartlett & "Stretch"

Michael Boylan & Jerry Bennett

Lee Ecclesfield & Robert Paul

Lee Ecclesfield & Robert Paul



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