2003 California State 
ProAm Armwrestling Championship

Route 66- Canyon Country April 12th

Home of the "Brzenk Challenge"

Tournament Host - John Burgeson

Tournament Directors - Leonard Harkless & Denise Wattles

John Brzenk successfully defeated 102 challengers

The absolutely amazing John Brzenk met and defeater 102 challengers to again prove that Guinness Book of Records is accurate.  John is the finest and most successful armwrestler in the history of the sport.  Beside being the most successful he is also the nicest and most humble athlete I have ever known.


Men's Novice Left 0-154: Hugo Elizondo/ Kyle Tackett

Men's Novice Left 155-176: Rodrigo Sison/ Brian Tibbett/ Keith Aselson/ John Johnson

Men's Novice Left 177-198: Bryce Leiker

Men's Novice Left 199+: Bryce Leiker/ Shane Toso/ Steve Inzalaco

Men's Novice Right 0-154: Michael Lattas/ Scott Graham/ Mani Lopez/ David Mahar

Men's Novice Right 155-176: Ryan Weaver/ Joe Veres/ Alex Josowitz/ Randrigo Sison

Men's Novice Right 177-198: Andy Locke/ Jerry Rodriguez/ Seth Hall/ Nathan Goodman

Men's Novice Right 199+: Tony Politano/ David Adams/ Mark Tabak/ Steve Inzalaco

Grand Masters Right 0-165: Michael Burgerson/ Speedy Burgeson

Grand Masters Right 166-198: Ron Bennett/ Steve Jeffryes/ Michael Burgeson

Grand Masters Right 199+: Sam Hattabaugh/ John Woolsey

Masters Right 0-165: "Z", Doug Berry/ Speedy Burgeson

Masters Right 166-198: Lee Ecclesfield/ Steve Jeffryes/ Craig Greene/ Dan Wardlaw

Masters Right 199+: Greg Curatola/ Bruce Way/ Ken Greco

Amateur Left 0-176: Johnny Burgeson/ Richard Smith/ "Z", John McIntire

Amateur Left 177-198: John Stanton/ Paul Stevens

Amateur Left 199+: David Miller/ Joe Krizek/ John Shaw/ Ryan Constantino

Amateur Right 0-154: Hugo Elizondo/ Michael Lampignano

Amateur Right 155-176: Richard Smith/ Ryan Weaver/ Johnny Burgeson/ Alex Josowitz

Amateur Right 177-198: Harold Ryden/ John Stanton/ Jeff Benson/ Jerry Burton

Amateur Right 199+: Ryan Constantino/ Tim Smith/ Brian Moehle/ Joe Krizer

Ladies Pro Right 0-143: Gerrie McGraw/ Jennifer Hoffert/ Shirley Tabak/ Francis Godschalk

Ladies Pro Right 144+: Cynthia Yerby/ Kelly Nelson/ Lori Cole

Pro Left 0-154: Devin Bair/ MIke McGraw/ Luke Stanley/ Greg Gray

Pro Left 155-176: Kenny Hughes/ Vepkhia Samkharadze/ Craig Greene/ Harold Ryden

Pro Left 177-198: Michael Todd/ Eric Wolfe/ Terry Shapiro/ Scott Partington

Pro Left 199-242: Scott Fleming/ Tom Nelson/ Jon Land/ Alan Tresser

Pro Left 243+: Travis Bagent/ Bob Shaffer/ Les Zollman/ Britton Matthews

Pro Right 0-132: Simon Berriochoa/ Brent Norris/ Greg Gray/ Sean Town

Pro Right 133-154: Devin Bair/ Mike McGraw/ Michael Boylan/ Simon Berriochoa

Pro Right 155-176:Vepkhia Samkharadze/ Kenny Hughes/ Randy Weaver/ Sebastian Lopez

Pro Right 177-198: Michael Todd/ Don McClary/ Sterling Miles/ Eric Wolfe

Pro Right 199-242: Jon Land/ Tom Nelson/ Don Fritsche/ Scott Fleming

Pro Right 243+: Travis Bagent/ Britton Matthews/ Bob Shaffer/ Les Zollman

Congratulations to Tournament Host - John Burgeson his great creativity and hard work in producing one of the best tournaments I have been to in the past 42 years.

Special thanks to Tournament Directors - Leonard Harkless and Denise Wattles for their usual expert job and unique organizational skills as tournament directors.



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