California State Championship
Redding, CA

Men's Pro Right                                     Men's Pro Left
 0-154                                                        155-176
1st-  Simon Berriochoa CA                  1st- Kenny Hughes CA
2nd- Michael Cocchi CA                       2nd- D.J Galvin CA
3rd-  Sean Town CA                               3rd- Eric Peterson OR

155-176                                                      177-198
1st-  Kenny Hughes CA                         1st-  Kenny Hughes CA
2nd- Eric Peterson OR                           2nd- David Bieler OR
3rd-  Lee Ecclesfield CA                         3rd-  Eric Wolfe AR

177-198                                                     199-Over
1St-  Kenny Hughes CA                        1st-   Eric Woelfel CA
2nd- Eric Wolfe AR                                  2nd- Allen Ferreira OR
3rd-  Robbie Topie CA                            3rd-  Chris Futhey CA

1st-  Jarrod Levulett OR
2nd- Tom Nelson CA
3rd-  Chris Futhey CA

1st-   Dennis Wigner CA
2nd- Tom Nelson CA
3rd-  Bob Shafer CA

AMATEUR Men's Right                           AMATEUR Men's Left
0-154                                                             0-154

1st- Simon Berriochoa CA                        1st-  Sam Pagan OR
2nd Jason Murphy CA                               2nd- Jason Murphy CA
3rd- Sam Pagen OR                                    3rd-  Ken Ecclesfield CA

177-198                                                          199-Over
1st-  Jody Smith                                          1st-   Bob Shafer CA
2nd- Scott Nelson CA                                2nd- Tony Shaw NV
3rd-  Ryan weaver CA                                3rd-  Eddie Vargas CA

1st-  Allen Ferreira OR
2nd- Tony Shaw NV
3rd-  Eddie Vargas CA

1st-  Bob Shafer CA
2nd- Eddie Vargas CA
3rd-  Ed Shelton OR

Novice Men's Right                                      Novice Men's Left
0-154                                                                155-176
1st-  Sean Town                                           1st-Jason Sharp OR
2nd- Mark Sisco CA                                     2nd- Scott Nelson CA
3rd-  Pat Harlow CA                                     3rd-Pat Harlow CA

177-198                                                           198-Over
1st- Sy Skiver CA                                         1st-Jarred Dooley NV 
2nd-Chris Lake CA                                      2nd- Jason Sharp OR
3rd- Fred Jones CA                                     3rd- Brian Rowe Jr CA

199- Over
1st-  Bob Shafer CA
2nd- Brian Rowe Jr CA
3rd   Jarred Dooley

Master Men's Right
1st-  Eric Wolfe AR
2nd- Randy Weaver CA
3rd-  Lee Ecclesfield CA

Ladies Right                                                   Ladies Left
144-Over                                                          144-Over
1st-  Kelli Nelson CA                                    1st - Melissa Chase CA
2nd- Billi Jo Winfield OR                             2nd-Gina Holberg OR
3rd-  Kathy Hughes CA                               3rd- Nancy Dooley NV

Thanks to Bill Collins for the results.



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