2004 Brewski's Armwrestling Challenge
 IV Presented by Colorado Armsports May 1, 2004. 
63 entries 

Kids Lightweight - Ceasar Ruiz/ Nathan Sain. 
Kids Middleweight - Matthew Rivera/ Josh Saunders. 
Kids Light Heavyweight - Josh Saunders/ Juan Antonio Ruiz. 
Kids Heavyweight - Ricky Lee/ Jacob Saunders. 
Kids Super Heavyweight - Bobby Ruiz/ Kelly Russell. 
Challenge Division - Rene Rivera/ Randy Thorpe/ Josh Rose/ Gunnar Russell. 

Men's Novice Right 0-154 - Joe Crandall/ Rick Kelly/ Corey Divis. 
Men's Novice Right 155-176 - Austin Thomas/ Matt Reitzer/ Lenny Lockert. 
Men's Novice Right 177-198 - Corey Miller/ Russ Stark/ Jack Lackey. 
Men's Novice Right 199+ - Oscar Garcia/ Anthony Spallinger/ Mark Clay. 

Men's Open Right 0-154 - Scott Huston/ Corey Milller/ Joe Crandall. 
Men's Open Right 155-176 - No entries. 
Men's Open Right 177-198 - Keith Powers/ Bret Freeman. 
Men's Open Right 199-242 - Jeff Ames/ Bret Freeman/ Mark Clay. 
Men's Open Right 243+ - Dean Sain/ Jeff Carlton/ Travis Berggren. 

Women's Open Right 0-125 - No entries. 
Women's Open Right 126-143 - Kelli Holmes/ Candy Horvath. 
Women's Open Right 144+ - Christine Russell/ Heather Stokvis. 

Men's Open Left 0-154 - Ken Penrose/ Corey Miller/ Patrick Trujillo. 
Men's Open Left 155-176 - Keith Powers/ Chris Rapp/ Lenny Lockert. 
Men's Open Left 177-198 - Keith Powers/ Lynn Lagner/ Russ Stark. 

Best Sportsmanship - Josh Rose. 
Best Match of the Day - Bobby Ruiz and Kelly Russell. 
Men's Right Overall - Scott Huston. Men's Left Overall - Ken Penrose. 
Women's Right Overall - Kelli Holmes.



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