New Jersey "Beast of the East" Tournament



Masters 199+

1st Dave Mount

2nd John JoBee

3rd Arnold Horner


Ladies 0-132

1st Sheryl Mount

2nd Christen Walz


Ladies 132+

1st Brenda Bryan

2nd Arlene Pfeiffer

3rd Evelyn Bittinger


Novice Right Hand 0-165

1st Kevin Pagodin

2nd Ryan Sheridan


Novice Right Hand 165-198

1st Dave Mount

2nd Travis Corson

3rd Jack Dietrick


Novice Right Hand 198+

1st Steve Carbone

2nd Mike Libretto

3rd Brian Eldridge


Open Left 155-198

1st Vepkvia Samkhardaze

2nd Steve Shoemaker

3rd Jack Dietrick


Open Left 198+

1st Rob Bigwood

2nd Lloyd Rittenhouse

3rd Mike Libretto


Open Right 155-176

1st Vepkvia Samkhardaze

2nd Mark Orpollo

3rd Dan Hopkins



Open Right 176-198

1st Steve Shoemaker

2nd Anthony Poleo

3rd John Pfeiffer


Open Right 198-220

1st Arnold Horner

2nd John JoBee


Open Right 220+

1st Garrett Stepsis

2nd Rob Bigwood

3rd Lloyd Rittenhouse

Steve Carbone
Team New Jersey Armwrestling



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