Letter from Bimal Kumar Chanda to Armwrestling World

Editors note:  Mr. Chanda is not related to BB Das.  We apologize to Mr. Chanda for the error.


Quotes regarding Mr. BB Das:

 Responsible for division of WAF

India was unable to participate in Italy Worlds due to wrong information given by Mr. Das

Remove Mr. Das to save WAF and for the betterment of our sport and try to make undivided WAF

Declaring himself as President, Indian Armwrestling Federation, without proper meeting 
and consent of existing Executive Committee Members of IAF.

Has not appointed  Treasurer of WAF to handle WAF accounts jointly. One man show.

So far those who all have raised their voice and protested his undemocratic decision   
from Indian Federation, they all have been suspended for life by misutilizing his power by any means.

 Mr. Das wants to divide Indian Armwrestling Federation like he did WAF


 From:- India Bimal Chanda
 The President / General Secretary
 All WAF Affiliated Countries.

 Dear Sir,

 Wishing you all every success in forthcoming World Championship in Alexandria.  I am sending you this letter being one of the senior most members of WAF since 1977. I have got some misunderstanding with Mr. B.B. Das, G.S. WAF and as a result of the same, he wants to remove me from the post of President, Indian Armwrestling Federation, Vice-President, Asian Fedn., & Head Referee, Asian Fedn.. Our Executive Committee Members have protested Mr. B.B. Das's undemocratic decision. My E.C. Members wants me to continue as President- IAF and having 100% support on me. Mr. B.B. Das declared himself as President - IAF without any support of my E.C. Members, showing the power that he is the G.S. of WAF and Asian Fedn., so he can do anything he likes, likewise what he has done previously.  As you all know that after the Italy Worlds he tried to remove our WAF President Dr. Milan Capla and tried to convince me to write letter against Dr. Capla. But with so much pressure, I wrote one letter to Dr Capla and afterwards my conscience does not permit me to do so. But he was successful in getting letters from other
countries  against Dr. Milan Capla. Be careful of Mr. Das. Now Mr. Das highlighted so many bias charges against me without any proof. Whatever the proof he is having, created by himself only.

 Please consult with Dr. Milan Capla and take decision on the above matter for the betterment of sports. I have already sent detailed letter to Dr. Capla  which is also enclosed for your ready reference.

 Thanking you,

 Bimal Kumar Chanda, (President, Indian Armwrestling Federation.) 25th

 Enclosed copy of letter sent to Dr. Milan Capla, President WAF..

 Dear Dr. Milan Capla,

 I am very happy to receive your early reply. My best friend (the word you are using on me) I know what I wrote to you few months ago was a painful letter to you. If I tell you now the reason under what compulsion I was compelled to write to you, I don't know you will believe or not. But I have to tell you the truth, because Mr. Das is the only man from India who is holding all key posts like G.S. Asian Fedn, G.S. WAF and belongs to my country. How can we oppose him when we live in the same country and Mr. Das is more powerful man in WAF. But the time gone, now we cannot tolerate any more. He is the man who is using our IAF letter pad and writes letter to the man whom he does not like by using our name without my consent, when he is nobody of our Executive Committee. You know, myself and xxxxxxxxx got bitter relation due to Mr. Das. Because after the Worlds 2000 in Virginia, Mr. Das made several correspondences with xxxxxxxxx using the name of our federation, when I was not knowing anything. All of a sudden Mr. Das asked me to show him the Hotel Bills we have paid in Virginia, then only I came to know that there is something wrong. But by that time xxxxxxxx wrote several letters against me without knowing that I donít know head and tail of the correspondence had with Mr. Das. Till to day I have not made any correspondence with xxxxxxxxx. Whatever the things happened in Virginia Worlds in regards to Indian Referees, I was compelled by Mr. Das to protest and now he denied. Actually I was not a referee in the said championships as my baggage was misplaced and received back only when the championships started.

 You know our team India was unable to participate in Italy Worlds due to wrong information given by Mr. Das. We were unable to do anything as all powers are with him.  One day Mr. Das called me in his house and told me to send a letter to you drafted by him. I was not agreed to his proposal but as I told you, he is holding all key posts, I was compelled to send you the email. After few days he gave me another letter drafted by him to send you.  I donít know whether you will believe or not, I have not send you the same as my conscience does not permit. From that time the clash between me & Mr. Das started. He always wish to threatened me why I have refused to send and was searching for the scope. So he is utilizing his power now. Do you know who is the President of Asian federation? A man who is not having a complete Executive Committee in his country, only one man show.  Never brought any team of his country in Worlds and Asian Championships. How a man can become President when he cannot bring team and cannot hold championships in his country. Yes, he is paying money to WAF through Mr. Das. So they have distributed two main posts in Asian fedn. Between themselves.

 Do you know why there is no Treasurer in WAF and Mr. Das alone handling the WAF Fund? There was a decision held in WAF congress (I cannot remember the year) that WAF should have Treasurer from the same country where the G.S. of  WAF belongs. But he never appointed anybody as TREASURER to handle and keep  the accounts of WAF and doing everything alone violating the decision.

 In India nobody likes Mr. Das, but as he is holding the posts of G.S. Asia & Worlds, everybody afraid of him. Because so far those who all have raised their voice from Indian fedn. against Mr. Das, they all have been suspended for life time. The numbers of victims are so many. So the people are scared of him as he is misutilizing his power. In our general body meeting held on  9th July,2002 it has been proved that nobody is with him now excepting one man Mr. A.V. Vikraman, who is hankering for the post of G.S. IAF. But nobody likes to appoint Mr. Vikraman as G.S. IAF. That is why Mr. Vikraman was thrown away in G.B. meeting and appointed Mr. Kalika Prasad Dutta as G.S. IAF. Since formation of IAF in the year of 1977, I am with the Federation and till to-day I am taking all pains to keep IAF alive. Mr. Das wants to divide IAF like WAF. But I will not allow him to do so. You all know my activities , so how can he remove me by using his power undemocratically. Do you ever receive any complain against me in last 26 years ? But there are several complain against Mr. Das from Indian Fedn. and from other countries.  xxxxxxxx knows everything because during his tenure he received all the complains.

 I donít know whether I will be able to participate in Alexandria Worlds, because Mr. Das is sending so many letter to my members to make them confused by declaring himself as President, IAF and Mr. A.V. Vikraman as G.S. IAF. So my members are confused and unable to take proper decision as Mr. Das is G.S. WAF & ASIA having more power. My E.C members have advised me to write to you to get your suggestion and support.  So, if I am unable to join WAF meeting in Alexandria, please show my letter to everybody and discuss & take decision to remove Mr. Das to save WAF and for the betterment of our sport and try to make undivided WAF. Your all E.C. members knows me for the last 23/24 years and never received any complain against me excepting the problems created by Mr. Das by using our letter pad and my name without my consent Do you know I am having bitter relation with   xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx also due to the decision of Mr. Das imposed through me where I was helpless.


 1. Declaring himself as President, Indian Armwrestling Federation, without proper meeting and consent of existing Executive Committee Members of IAF.

 2. Issuing circulars from Asian Federation to remove/de-recognize Mr. B.K. Chanda, President, IAF and Vice-President Asian Fedn. without proper
meeting and  proper charge.
3. Appointing Mr. Yao Ang of Singapore as President of Asian Armsport Federation, when Mr. Ang is not having any organizational footing/proper
 E.C. members of his own Federation and never been able to bring any team or any other E.C. Members of his fedn. in World champs. And Asian Champs. Only one man show.

 4. Not appointed  Treasurer of WAF to handle WAF accounts jointly. One man show.

 5. Responsible for division of WAF.

 6. Making correspondence on behalf of Indian Armwrestling Federation on IAF letter pad using Mr. B.K. Chanda's name without his consent and
creating problems with other countries.

 7. Appointing Mr. Bhaskar Jyoti Dutta of India as Vice-President of Asian Armsport Federation without proper meeting.

 8. So far those who all have raised their voice and protested his undemocratic decision   from Indian Fedn. they all have been suspended for
 life by misutilizing his power by any means.

 So, it is our earnest request to you to save the sport as President of WAF and send your suggestion as to what will be our next course of action. I am enclosing a mass representation given by our Executive committee members for your consideration. 

Awaiting your early reply.

With regards,

Bimal Kumar Chanda,
President, Indian Armwrestling Federation.



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