September 14, 2002.
Arms Of Thunder Y2K2

Location: Charles County Fair        LaPlata, Maryland

Contestants: 45        Entrees: 58             Bracket Judge: Ruth Michel
Master Referee: Keith Michel                   Referee: Mike Ondrovic
Event Promoter: Dirty Dealer LLC             Start Time: 05:45     Spectators: Over 5000

Pro Right:    177-198                         Pro Right 199+

1st Place:    Mike Ondrovic               1st Place:      Calvin Colbert
2nd Place    Milt Christmas               2nd Place:     Jay Boucher
3rd Place:    Gary Kessler                 3rd Place:      Charles Fisk

Amateur Right: 0-154                      Amateur Right:      177-198

1st Place:   Kevin Bruffy                 1st Place:   Gary Kessler
2nd Place:  Chris Hower                 2nd Place: Bryan Cooper
3rd Place:   Darrell Kasier              3rd Place:  Robert Baker

Amateur Left: 0-154                      Amateur Left:      177-198

1st Place:   Vincent Tibbs                 1st Place:   Robert Baker
2nd Place:  Chris Hower                 2nd Place:   Kevin Glascock
3rd Place:   David Douglas              3rd Place:   Gary Kessler

Amateur Right: 199+                       Amateur Left:  199+

1st Place:   Jay Boucher                 1st Place:  Charles Fisk
2nd Place:  Dave Glessner             2nd Place: Jay Boucher
3rd Place:   Josh Boucher              3rd Place:  Gary Kessler



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