Alaska State Armwrestling Championship

Juneau, Alaska


Novice 0-154:David Purkey/ Sonny Willard/ Anthony Proud
Novice 155-176: Mark Knott/ Ben Musielak/ Carlton See/ Carl Fassel
Novice 177-198: Robert Kennedy/ Kenneth Willard

Left 0-154: Doug Berry/ David Barry/ Anthony Proud/ Terry Proud
Left 155-176: Jim Zellar/ Butch McClinton/ Kurt Wilson/ Doug Berry
Left 177-198: Ron Smith/ Shawn Hartsockk/ Kurt Wilson/ Jason Strauhm
Left 199+: "Stretch"/ Jerome Dennis/ Ted Rado

Ladies Right 0-121: Molly Willard/ Tina Berry
Ladies Right 122-143: Tina Berry
Ladies 144+: Shannon Storrs/ Missy Fronimos/ Yvonne Dennis/ Randie Hope

Mens Right 0-132: Terry Proud/ Jestin Halegaard
Mens Right 133-154: Doug Berry/ Josh Zellar/ David Barry/ Ron Roberts
Mens Right 155-176: Butch McClinton/ Mike Gabel/ Doug Berry/ Ron Roberts
Mens Right 177-198: Shawn Hartsock/ Dana Ritter/ Chris Peter/ Jason Strauhm
Mens Right 199-242: Ernie Ackerman/ Jerome Dennis/ Larry Atkinson
Mens Right 243+: "Stretch"/ John "John Boy" Dedero/ Don Ritter/ Brian Fronimos

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Shannon Storrs, Anchorage

Mens Left Hand Overall Champion: "Stretch", San Leandro, Ca.

Mens Right Hand Overall Champion" "Stretch", San Leandro, Ca.

Best Sportsman Award: Carlton See, Juneau, Ak.



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