Upper left 56 year old Jack Adams (Grand father / Dad), upper right 16 year old Frankie Adam Becerra (grandson), lower left 32 year old Vicki Adams-Narciso (daughter) and lower right 36 year old Jackie Adams-Raynor (daughter). All four entered the 2000 World's Wristwrestling Championships held in Petaluma, CA. A third daughter not shown is 35 year old Janice Adams-Scola (Frankie's mother) was their cheerleader, boy! Can that girl cheer. 

All gained a great amount of experience, though the senior Mr. Adams came away with a "First place medal" and a World Champion title in the Grand Masters 166-198 pound division.

 The Adams family is not new to Armwrestling, Jack's competitive career began in Petaluma in 1965 (as he states, "it was very different then"), and throughout Northern and Southern Calif., Oregon and Washington state extending through1981 (often with three daughters in tow and all before Frankie was born). Then while working in Germany in 1985 he came out of retirement to enter a German/ American tournament ("I just couldn't resist", said Jack, "the competitive lure was too great") taking two firsts, in the middle and light heavy weight divisions. As Jack states it " "I'm sure no one thought that the old bald guy would do any good, surprise!" He was 40 years old at the time.

 Again forgoing any armwrestling competition for 15 years ("to many sore arms", says Jack). Until 2000 working up to the 2000 World Championships and his first place status. In 2001 at the Pro/Am tournament in Lake Tahoe at the Tahoe Biltmore Jack again hurt his arm practicing prior to the beginning of the tournament and had to drop out during competition. Perhaps he'll be back in another 15 years. "No regrets" says Jack, "I need to save my arms for hugging, it hurts a lot less and the rewards are enormous".

 Eldest daughter Jackie Adams-Raynor began Arm wrestling at the age of thirteen and continued intermittently through 1995 winning several Central California titles. Concluding with a fourth place in the 2000 World Wristwrestling Championship in Petaluma.

 Youngest daughter Vicki Adams-Narciso began Arm wrestling at the age of fourteen in a Reno Nevada tournament and throughout the Central Valley of California and San Luis Obispo also with several first and second place titles along with a second place at the World Wristwrestling Championships in Petaluma, Calif. in 1987.

 Grandson Frankie Adam Becerra's career began in 2000 first in Patterson, Calif. then at the World Wristwrestling Championships in Petaluma. 




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