American Armsport Association

Frank & Karen Bean, Owners

February 15, 2002

Re: USWA/USAA proposal to join USA

Dear Frank and Karen,

In November 2001 we sent you an e-mail proposing that you become a member association of the "Umbrella Association" United States ArmSports. Included in the proposal was the opportunity to place 6 members of your association on the Executive Board of United States ArmSports, joining the 2 members of each founding associations, WWC, IAF and USWA/USAA.

We answered your final inquiries on December 13, 2001 which was over 2 months ago. Your lack of response indicates to us that you have decided that AAA would not unify under the "Umbrella Association" of USA.

Should you decide in the future that American ArmSport Association would benefit from joining the "Umbrella Association", USA, you are very welcome to do so. Any association or organization may join USA at any time but, should AAA desire to have members on the Executive Board of USA, please refer to the United States ArmSports Constitution - Article 6 Section C. I will excerpt the section here in case your copy of the USA Constitution has been misplaced.

Article 6 Section c)

Additional members may be appointed to the Executive Board of USA from other member associations by a 2/3 vote of the current Executive Board members. A maximum of 2 members per association can be elected to the Executive Board of Directors.

Leonard Harkless and myself, Denise Wattles, still feel that the need for unification has never been greater. As you are aware, USA and AAA are both representing the United States as members of 2 different World Associations (WAF’s). At this time it appears that the two European Armwrestling Federations are well on the way to unifying as they are holding only one European Armwrestling Championship in 2002. At that European Championship they will be electing new Executive Officers of EAF to represent Europe in the WAF. Let us not be the only continent that has not made this step for the sport of Armwrestling/ArmSports and especially for the Armwrestlers.

Yours in ArmSports,

Leonard Harkless, President Denise Wattles, Executive Director


cc: David Devoto

Bill & Gerri Cox




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