2001 WAF

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The 2001 World
 Armwrestling Federation
World Championship

Gdynia, Poland


XXII WAF World Championship

Tournament Results

December  5,  6, 7,  2001


Message from President Fred Roy

The 2001 WAF Championship was, to this date, the best World Championship that I have attended.  I have attended every World Championship since 1985, except 1991 in Israel, but in all aspects, Poland outshines them all.  The changes we've implemented over the years since 1998 have clearly lead the sport in it's true direction.  We have identified many areas where we are dramatically improving the development and presentation of the World Championships themselves.  

We ran 809 entries over the 3 day event with 29 countries involved which included 3 new Nations that have never competed in our WAF Championship.  They are Mali, Morocco and Australia.  We now have a credible contact in the Continental Oceania who has  personally been to and competed in the WAF Championship.

Over the next 2 years the WAF Championship will be held on the North American Continent, 2002 in USA and 2003 in Canada.  The technical changes we are making will help us immensely in further perfecting our improved systems.

We anticipate a re-unification of the armwrestling family throughout the World.  This will help the quality of the work we do for the sport of armwrestling. 

 The WAF Championship in Poland was awesome.

Following are the results.

Fred Roy
WAF President 


XXII World Armwrestling Championship
 Tournament Results
 December 5, 6, 7, 2001

 Gdynia, Poland

 29 Countries

 809 Entrants


      Grand Masters

       Menís Grand Masters Right 75 KG

      1st     Kharchenko Viktor                KAZ

2nd    Tevvo Mikkola                       FIN

3rd     Ian Stanton                             HOL

4th     Neil Bell                                 AUS

5th     Pal Vago                                 HUN


Menís Grand Masters Right 90 KG


      1st     Kravalis Alexandr                  LAT

2nd    Birger Johansson                   SWE

3rd     Jack Adams                           USA

4th     Janusz Piechowski                 POL


Menís Grand Masters Right 90+ KG


      1st    Paul Banville                          CAN

2nd   Alain Lanique                         FRA

3rd    Violer Mokelioni                   LIT

4th    Manuel Serpa                        USA


Men's Master Left


Men's Master Left 70 KG

1st  Dave Hicks                            CAN

2nd  Obukhov Nikolai                  RUS

3rd  Joel Christianson                  CAN

4th  Georg Kolle                           GER

5th  Averyanov Sergie                 RUS

6th  Torre Sydne                           SWE

7th  Randy Nelson                        USA

Men's Master Left 80 KG

1st  Michael Ohara                     USA

2nd  Veiko Korkiakoski             SWE

3rd  Sylvio Bourque                    CAN

4th  Kayankin Alexander            RUS

5th  Gary MacDonald                 CAN

6th  Leif Andersson                    SWE

7th  Tevvo Mikkola                    FIN


Men's Master Left 90 KG

1st  Rick Blanchard                    CAN

2nd  Kravalis Alexandr               LAT

3rd  Alexsandre Pou                    LIT

4th  Arthur Ebeling                      USA

5th  Makhotin Gennadi               RUS

6th  Veijo Rossinen                     FIN

7th  Kerimov Fikrat                    UZB


Men's Master Left 100 KG

1st  Golovesko Genaziy            BEA

2nd  Shishkov Igor                    UZB

3rd  Holger Krekola                  SWE

4th  Leonard Harkless              USA

5th  Malte Anderback               SWE

6th  Willy Deneumoster            BEG

7th  Violer Mokelioni                LIT

Men's Master Left 100+ KG

1st  Earn Wilson                        CAN

2nd  Khitsenko Mykolay          UKR

3rd  Paul Banville                      CAN

4th  Robert Koschel                  USA

5th  Tim Davis                           USA

6th  Kurbanov Minametdi         RUS

7th  Logvinov Vasiliy                 BEA


Men's Master Right

Men's Master Right 70 KG   

1st  Dave Hicks                          CAN

2nd  Obukhov Nikolai                RUS

3rd  Joel Christianson                CAN

4th  Georg Kolle                         GER

5th  Randy Nelson                      USA

6th  Mikhailov Sergey                KAZ

7th  Averyanov Sergie                RUS

Men's Master Right 80 KG   

1st  Michael Ohara                    USA

2nd  Veiko Korkiakoski             SWI

3rd  Sylvio Bourque                    CAN

4th  Kayankin Alexander           RUS

5th Kent Anderson                     SWE

6th  Gary MacDonald                CAN

7th  Khamidullin Marsel            RUS


Men's Master Right 90 KG   

1st  Alexsandre Pou                   LIT

2nd  Veijo Rossinen                   FIN

3rd  Makhotin Gennadi             RUS

4th  Arthur Ebeling                    USA

5th  Rick Blanchard                   CAN

6th  Arne Thuen                         NOR

7th  MihŠly Jůzsa                       HUN                      


Men's Master Right 100 KG   

1st  Kirschetter Jo                     FRA

2nd  Holger Krekola                 SWE

3rd  Golovesko Genaziy           BEA

4th  Malte Anderback               SWE

5th  Leonard Harkless              USA

6th  Ballaud Bill                        FRA

7th  Shishkov Igor                    UZB


Men's Master Right 100+ KG   

1st  Gyorgy Szasz                    HUN

2nd  Earl Wilson                      CAN

3rd  Kurbanov Minametdi      RUS

4th  Alain Lanique                   FRA

5th  Enaldier Aslanbek            RUS

6th  Tim Davis                         USA

7th  Khitsenko Mykolay         UKR


Men's Left


Men's Left 55 KG

1st   Magomedor Tagir                    RUS

2nd  Chivanin Yevgeniy                    KAZ

3rd  Abramov Radion                       BEA

4th  Dale Desabrais                          CAN

5th  Sokolov Alexander                    RUS

6th  Sharapov Mirzoh                       UZB

7th  Kassymzhanov Nurla                KAZ

Men's Left 60 KG

1st  Yurchenko Dmitriy                    KAZ

2nd  Rabadanov Rebadan                RUS

3rd  Ivan Portela                               SPA

4th  Aliyev Akhmed                          KAZ

5th  Paul Andrews                             CAN

6th  Khasanov Makhmutbi               RUS

7th  Joey Costello                             CAN


Men's Left 65 KG

1st  Kazimagomedov Ram                RUS

2nd  Chagilov Tamurlan                   RUS

3rd  Stefan Nordstrom                      SWE

4th  Devin Bair                                 USA

5th  Getalo Sergey                           KAZ

6th  Timo Mikkola                            FIN

7th  Mukha Taras                            UKR


Men's Left 70 KG

1st  Tsakhilov Teimuraz                    RUS

2nd  Grushnikov Igor                        KAZ

3rd  Rick Soliwoda                            USA

4th Pisarkov Sergie                          RUS

5th Pilipenko Ivan                            UKR

6th  Zbigniew Chmielewsk               POL

7th  Semenito Demis                        BEA


Men's Left 75 KG

1st  Khubulov Bondo                        RUS

2nd  Maksinov Maksim                   RUS

3rd  Cuetan Gashevski                     BUL

4th  Craig Sanders                            ENG

5th  Getalo Yevgeniy                        KAZ

6th  Jason Roy                                  CAN

7th  Gregory Wilson                          USA

Men's Left 80 KG

1st  Miroslav Ivanov                          BUL

2nd  Bondaruk Hryboriy                    UKR

3rd  Mike Barrett                               CAN

4th  Khugaev Aslanbek                      RUS

5th  Pascan Girard                              SWI

6th  Natskevich Aleh                          BEA

7th  Tony Picchioldi                            USA

Men's Left 85 KG

1st  Eldarov Abdul                           UKR

2nd Kastanov Valery                       RUS

3rd  Nikolay Stefanov                      BUL

4th  Saryer Illyas                              RUS

5th  Andre Riske                              GER

6th  Sergel Searhei                           BEA

7th  Aliyev Issa                                 KAZ

Men's Left 90 KG

1st  Karbuzaev Georgi                     RUS

2nd  Kazaev Aslan                           RUS

3rd  Khramtsov Eduard                   UKR

4th  Bill Frank                                  GER

5th  Tomsons Normunds                  LAT

6th  Rudenko Taras                         UZB

7th  Mark MacPhail                        CAN

Menís Left 100 KG

1st    Ibragimov Ibrahim                RUS

2nd   Gogloev Omar                       RUS

3rd    Fugarov Sergey                    KAZ

4th    Chegodaev Oleg                   KAZ

      5th    Sorokine Iouri                       UKR

      6th    Aki Tviskula                         FIN

      6th     Schneider Gregory              FRA

       Men's Left 110 KG

      1st    Antonov Andrei                    KAZ

2nd   Kuziev Soslan                       RUS

3rd    Earl Wilson                          CAN

4th    Gusalov Kirill                       BEA

      5th    Arzumanov Suren                 RUS

      6th    Alexseev Vladimir                BEA

      7th    Dirk Schember                     GER


       Menís Left 110+KG

       1st    Tebver Dagir                         UZB

2nd    Tchotchaev Rasul                 KAZ

3rd     Ourezov Alexey                    UKR

4th     Skodtaev Anatoli                  RUS

      5th     Sokolov Alexsauder              RUS

      6th       Jose Plante                                 CAN                       

     7th    Ryan Espey                          CAN


                                                    Men's Right


       Menís Right 55 KG

       1st  Magomedor Tagir                  RUS

       2nd  Sokolov Alexsauder              RUS

       3rd  Stefan Stefanov                      BUL

       4th  Chivanin Yevgeniy                 KAZ

        5th  Magnus Augustsson             SWE

        6th  Ari Helin                                FIN

        7th  Dale Desabrais                     CAN

       Menís Right 60 KG

         1st  Lorenzo Villar                      SPA

         2nd  Nikitchenko Sergie            RUS

         3rd  Ivan Portela                         SPA

         4th  Janne Tammi                       FIN

         5th  Yurchenko Dmitriy             KAZ

         6th  Saaron Izoma                       FIN

         7th  Rabadanov Rebadan           RUS


     Menís Right 65 KG

         1st  Kazimagomedov Ram          RUS

         2nd  Timo Mikkola                      FIN

         3rd  Stefan Nordstrom                SWE

         4th  Chagilov Tamurlan               RUS

         5th  Joaquin Garrido                   SPA

         6th  Davit Kazakhashvili             GEO

         7th  Mukha Taras                       UKR


     Menís Right 70 KG

         1st  Tsakhilov Teimuraz             RUS

         2nd  Jonas Sundling                    SWE

         3rd  Malakhov Andrey               KAZ

         4th  Semenido Demis                  BEA

         5th  Pisarkov Sergie                   RUS

         6th  Amolins Fanis                      LAT

         7th  Clive Fegusson                   ENG    


     Menís Right 75 KG

         1st  Cuetan Gashevski              BUL

         2nd  Maksinov Maksim            RUS

         3rd  Craig Sanders                    ENG

         4th  Andy Barker                      ENG

         5th  Khubulov Bondo                RUS  

         7th  Perry Bruhm                      CAN


     Menís Right 80 KG

         1st  Khugaev Aslanbek            RUS

         2nd  Bondaruk Hryboriy          UKR

         3rd  Miroslav Ivanov               BUL

         4th  Pascal Girard                    SWI

         5th  Mike Barrett                    CAN

         6th  Kaziev Shurumbi              RUS

         7th  Assanov Marat                 KAZ

     Menís Right 85 KG

         1st  Abdul Eldarov                UKR

         2nd  Neil Pickup                     ENG

         3rd  Troy Eaton                     CAN

         4th  Andre Riske                   GER

         5th  Kastanov Valery            RUS

         6th  Stojan Golemanov         BUL


     Menís Right 90 KG

         1st  Karbuzaev Georgi         RUS

         2nd  Kazaev Aslan                RUS

         4th  Bill Frank                       GER

         5th  Janne Antila                  FIN

         6th  Tarasevich Dzmite        BEA

         7th  Mark MacPhail             CAN


Men's Right 100 KG

         1st  Ibragimov Ibrahim         RUS

         2nd  Chegodaev Oleg           KAZ

         3rd  Gogloev Omar               RUS

         4th  Dariusz Przewiezliko      POL

         5th  Minkevich Vitliy            BEA

         6th  Schneider Gregory        FRA

         7th  Fugarov Sergey             KAZ


Men's Right 110  KG

         1st  Kuziev Soslan                RUS

         2nd  Jarmo Rintapaa            FIN

         4th  Marcin Kreft                 POL

         5th  Alexseev Vladimir        BEA

         6th  Arzumanov Suren         RUS

         7th  Dirk Schember            GER

Men's Right 110+  KG

         2nd  Skodtaev Anatoli       RUS

         3rd  Greg Boyes                CAN

         4th  Ryan Espey                CAN

         7th  Csaba Szabo               HUN


Ladies Master Right


Ladies Masters Right 60 KG

   1st  Vilija Peruaraiskiene   LIT

   2nd  Yershora Galina          KAZ 

Ladies Masters Right 70 KG

 1st  Wenda Orchard              CAN

 2nd  Shafranova Elena           UZB

Ladies Masters Right 80+ KG

1st  Shannon Storrs                USA

2nd  Dyakonova Marine        RUS

3rd  Smirnova Elena                UZB

4th  Ivanova Lyudmila            RUS


Ladies Master Left


Ladies Masters Left  60 KG

1st  Vilija Peruaraiskiene       LIT

2nd  Yershora Galina              KAZ

Ladies Masters Left 70 KG

1st  Wenda Orchard                CAN

2nd  Shafranova Elena            UZB


Ladies Masters Left 80+  KG

1st  Shannon Storrs                USA

2nd  Smirnova Elena               UZB

3rd  Ivanova Lyudimila           RUS

4th  Dyakonova Marina         RUS



Ladies Left


Ladies Left 50 KG

1st  Pavlova Marina                RUS

2nd  Onufriera Tatyana           RUS

3rd  Julia Merkulova               RUS

4th  Yershora Galina                KAZ

5th  Polovinko Oksana            BEA

6th  Elin Johannssen                NOR

7th  Vicky Weaver                   CAN


Ladies Left  55 KG

1st  Chauidellina Fuzhe           RUS

2nd  Baggeva Valina               RUS

3rd  Veronika Bonkova           BUL

4th  Fia Reisek                         SWE

5th  Umyrakova Firvza            UZB

6th  Karolina Nieznalska        CAN

7th  Satu Malleus                     FIN


Ladies Left  60 KG

1st  Kathy Defeche                   BEG

2nd  Kochieva Elena                 RUS

3rd  Reva Polina                        RUS

4th  Petra Spatz                         GER

5th  Vilija Peruaraiskiene         LIT

6th  Bondik Vera                       KAZ

7th  Lorrie Schoner                   USA


Ladies Left  65 KG

1st  Fedotova Olga                    RUS

2nd  Sue Owen                           ENG

3rd  Dzidzoeva Zalina                RUS

4th  Sari Siren                            FIN

5th  Wenda Orchard                  CAN

6th  Janice Vancoughnett          CAN


Ladies Left  70 KG

1st  Enaldiera Regina                RUS

2nd  Shestakova Liodmila         BEA

3rd  Krasna Vera                       CZE

4th  Joyce King                          CAN

5th  Tagoeva Zarina                   RUS

6th  Chantal Leduc                    CAN

7th  Petrikevich Nadezos           BEA


Ladies Left  80 KG

1st  Josee Morneau                   CAN

2nd Skaeva Irima                       RUS

3rd  Tikhonova Svetlana            RUS

4th  Regina Breunciute              LIT

5th  Eole Oitkuite                       LIT

6th  Tarja Tahhnen                     FIN


Ladies Left  80+ KG

1st  Gabagkova Vika                  RUS

2nd  Bzarova Zarina                   RUS

3rd  Elizabeth Talbot                  ENG

4th  Eva Nesporova                    CZE

5th  Katri Pirinen                        FIN

6th  Shannon Storrs                    USA


Ladies Right


Ladies Right 50 KG

1st  Pavlova Marina                   RUS

2nd Onufriera Tatyana               RUS

3rd  Yershora Galina                   KAZ

4th  Polovinko Oksana                BEA

5th  Vickey Weaver                    CAN

6th  Sherri Sluymers                    CAN

7th  Shubina Elena                       KAZ

Ladies Right 55 KG

1st Veronika Bonkova                BUL

2nd  Baggeva Valina                   RUS

3rd  Fia Reisek                            SWE

4th  Satu Malleus                        FIN

5th  Karolina Nieznalska            CAN

6th  Tsgoeva Valentina               RUS

7th  Umyrzakova Firvza              UZB


Ladies Right 60 KG

1st  Kochieva Elena                    RUS

2nd  Reva Polina                         RUS

3rd  Kathy Defeche                     BEG

4th  Malin Bergstrom                  SWE

5th  Bondik Vera                          KAZ

6th  Heidi Andersson                    SWE

7th  Lorrie Schoner                      USA


Ladies Right 65 KG

1st  Sue Owen                              ENG

2nd  Elaine Pickup                       ENG

3rd  Fedotova Olga                     RUS

4th  Janice Vancoughnett           CAN

5th  Tea Ojanpera                       FIN

6th  Dzidzoeva Zalina                 RUS

7th  Wenda Orchard                   CAN

Ladies Right 70 KG

1st  Enaldiera Regina                 RUS

2nd  Shestakova Liodmila          BEA

3rd  Joyce King                           CAN

4th  Tagoeva Zarina                    RUS

5th  Krasna Vera                        CZA

6th  Chantal Leduc                     CAN

7th  Petrikevich Nadezos           RUS


Ladies Right 80 KG

1st  Skaeva Irima                       RUS

2nd  Josee Morneau                  CAN

3rd  Tarja Tahhnen                     FIN

4th  Tikhonova Svetlana            RUS

5th  Regina Breunciute              LIT

6th  Camilla Kattstrom               SWE

7th  Eole Oitkuite                       LIT


Ladies Right 80+  KG

1st  Gabagkova Vika                 RUS

2nd  Bzarova Zarina                   RUS

3rd  Katri Pirinen                       FIN

4th  Shannon Storrs                    USA

5th  Eva Nesporova                   CZE



WAF 2001

 Girls Youth Results


Girls Youth Right 52 KG 

     1 RUS26135  Kartsera Irina

2 RUS26136 Mkrtumuyan Naird

3 KAZ2728  Bychkova Tatiana

4 BEA2133  Khougarva Sbetlana

5 LIT3110    Jupo Ludinovaite

6 SWEl371  Angelica Soderberg

7 FINl924   Sarianna Rantanen


Girls Youth Right 58 KG  

     1 RUS26138  Zaika Elena

2 CANIO30   Karolina ieznalska

3 BEA2124    Sukabok Alesia

4 RUS26137  Volobueva Yulia

5 CANIO32   Robyn Richards

6 CANIO31   Megan MacDonald

Girls Youth Right 65 KG 

     1 RUS26140  Styopina nastasiya

2 RUS26lJ9    Sanakoeva Ilana

3 CZEl2J9      Lucie Kanova

4 SWEIJ1J9   Mysan Anderback

Girls Youth Right 73 KG  

I RUS26142   Tagoeva Zarina

2 RUS26141   Ivanova Svetlana

Girls Youth Right 73+ KG  

1 LITJIO8        Regina Breunciute 

2 LITJIO7        Eole Oitkuite

3 RUS26143    Yashirima Viktoria

Girls Youth Left  52 KG 

1  RUS  Kartsera Irina

2  BEL  Khougarva Svetlana

3  KAZ  Bychkova Tatiana

4  LIT  Jupo Ludinovaite

5  RUS  Mkrtumuyan Naird

6  SWI  Angelica Soderberg

7  FIN  Sarianna Rantanen

Girls Youth Left  58 KG 

1  RUS  Zaika Elena

2  RUS  Volobueva Yulia

3  BEL  Sukabok Alesia

4  CAN  Karolina Nieznalska

5  CAN  Megan MacDonald

6  CAN  Robyn Richards

Girls Youth Left  65 KG 

1  RUS  Styopina Anastasyia

2  RUS  Sanakoeva Ilana

3  SWE  Mysan Anderback

4  CZE  Lucie Kanova

Girls Youth Left  73 KG 

1  RUS  Ivanova Svetlana

2  RUS  Tagoeva Zarina

Girls Youth Left  73+  KG 

1  LIT  Regina Breunciute

2  LIT  Eole Oitkuite

3  RUS  Yashirima Viktoria



WAF 2001

Boys Youth Results

Boys Youth Right 58 KG  

      1 KAZ2703 Yurchenko Dmitriy

2 BEA2101 Abramov Radion

3 BEA2128 Bobrovich Valentin 

4 SWl2301  Leohnard  Spšth 

5 RUS26115 Shklayaruk Vitally 

6 POL3522 Konrad Krawczuk  


7 CAN100   Glengarry MacDonald

Boys Youth Right 65 kg  

     1 KAZ2706    Marenkov Stanislov

2 RUS26118  Dolbak Vitaly

3 KAZ2705   Getalo Sergey

4 GEO2401   Davit Kazakhashvili

5 BEA2105    Simonovich Searmei

6 RUS26117  Emelyanov Alexei

7 BEA2130    Danilav Stanislav


Boys Youth Right 73 kg 

     1 LIT3101  Moutous Butkus

2 KAZ2727   Lemesh Alexey

3 UZB2517   Alianberov Jasor

4 BEA2132   Smorgun Alexkander

5 RUS26120 Galstyan Artyom

6 LIT3109    Marius Peruorouski

7 BEA2131   Kraves Yauneh


Boys Youth Right 81 KG

1 RUS26121  Klimenko Artyom

2 RUS26122  Valegzhanin Vasily

3 CZEl221     Robert Kucnica

4 LAT300S   Ferjomins Aivars

5 CZEl222    Martin Janota

6 BEGl603   Jeremy Gatez


Boys Youth Right 81+ kg

1 RUS26124 Tsalagov Aslan

2 RUS26123 Guser Artyom

3 CZEl224    Janecka Miroslav

4 BULl409    Plamen Kisov

5 UZB2513   Kerimov Kamil

6 SVVEl322  Stefan Tibblin

7 POL3528    Patryk Spanialski

Boys Youth Left 58 KG  

1 KAZ  Yurchenko Dmitriy

2  BEL  Bobrovich

3  BEL  Abrolmov Radion

4  RUS  Shklayaruk Vitally

5  CAN  Glengary MacDonld

6  POL  Konrad Krawczuk


Boys Youth Left 75 KG  

1  KAZ  Getalo Sergey

2  BEL  Simonovich Searmei

3  RUS  Emelyanov

4  RUS  Dolbak Vitaly

5  POL  Mariusz Gajda

6  KAZ  Marenkov Stanislov

Boys Youth Left 73 KG  

1  LIT  Moutous Butkus

2  KAZ  Lemesh Alexey

3  RUS  Galstyan Artyom

4  UZB  Alianberov Jasor

5  SWE  Torbjorn Andersson

6  BEL  Smorgun Alexkander

7  LIT  Marius Peruorouski

Boys Youth Left 81 KG  

1  RUS  Klimenko Artyom

2  RUS  Valegzhanin Vasily

3  LAT  Feriomins Aivars

4  SWE  Jimmy Cebula

5  SWE  Andreas Lundberg

6  BEG  Jeremy Gatez

7  CZE  Martin Janota

Boys Youth Left 81+ KG  

1  RUS  Tsalagov Aslam

2  RUS  Guser Artyom

3  UZB  Kerimov Kamil

4  BUL  Plamen Kisov

5  POL  Patryk Spanialski

6  CZE  Jancecka Mirolav

7  CZE  Miroslav Formanck


Ladies Left Disabled 70+ KG

1  RUS2694

2  UZB  Shafranova Elena


Ladies Right Disabled 70+ KG

1 RUS 2694

2  UZB  Shafranova Elena


Men's Left Disabled 60 KG

1  RUS  Magamedor Tagir

2  UZB  Shrarpov Mizoh

3  RUS  Mamedov Ruslan

4  BEL  Bratsheny Viktor

5  POL Konrad Krawczuk

Men's Left Disabled 70 KG

1  RUS  Makhotin Gennadi

2  RUS   Duborsky Igor

3  BEL  Krivules Searhev

4  UZR  Akhmedov Umid

5  LAT  Tomsons Furis

6  POL  Dariusz Gabryonck

7  POL  Marik Rykonski

Men's Right  Disabled 60 KG

1  RUS  Magomedor Tagir

2  RUS  Mamedov Ruslan

3  BEA  Bratsheny Viktor

4  UZB  Sharapov Mirzoh

5  POL  Konrad Krawczuk

Men's Left Disabled 70+  KG

1  RUS  Duborsky Igor

2  UZB  Akhmedov Umid

3. HUN MihŠly Jůzsa 

4  BEA  Krivules Searhev

5  RUS  Makhotin Gennadi

6  POL  Dariusz Gabrynonick

7  LAT  Tomsons Furis



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