To members of United States ArmSports
American Armwrestling Association

There have been too many email to answer each one regarding the activities between USA and AAA and the agreements which took place in Canada and the current response from BB Das.  These documents are presented to you without comment except that they were worked out in a state of friendship and good faith by those involved.  What happens next depends on us all.

Dave Devoto

United States ArmSports

Document one  

To:                   American Armsport Association (AAA)

 From:               United States ArmSports (USA)

 Re:                   Unity in America

Dear Karen & Frank,

On July 22 in Hanau, Germany the European Armwrestling Federation Executive Committee in the name of unification voted to support the World Armwrestling Federation.  All EAF member countries will be supporting the World Armwrestling Championships in Ottawa, Canada on December 1 to 5, 2003.

 In further discussions it was also decided that each member country would unify under one Country Federation and that only this Federation would be allowed to participate at the World Championships.

 The World Armwrestling Federation is proud to announce the unification of 42 member states within India to form part of the Asian continental body of which Japan is also a member.  For the first time 7 Countries attended the African Championships and they also will be attending the WAF Championships in Canada. 

 It is with great deal of pleasure that we request your presence in the unifying movement of Armwrestling in America and the World. 

With this official document we hereby offer you full membership in USA.  You keep your full identity of American Armsport Association and run your tournaments as you see fit when and where you please.

 It will be with a great deal of goodwill that we welcome you as fellow members.  The beneficiaries of this venture will be the armwrestlers of America who will be united for the first time in the history of the sport.

 Awaiting your prompt reply to this very important unification matter.

 Best wishes


Dave Devoto

Document two

September 19, 2002


We feel there are too many issues that must be thoroughly discussed regarding your proposal.  This is not something that, in our opinion, can be done via email as it would be extremely too lengthy, confusing, and possibly misunderstandings could arise.  Therefore, we are suggesting a sit down, face to face meeting with all officers of United States Armsports and all officers of American Armsport Association present.  We believe this meeting should take place as soon as possible, and we are suggesting October 18 as a possible date.  Our recommendation is to have the meeting at a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We will acquire and pay for a room for the meeting.  If everyone is in agreement, we'd like to have the meeting start at 10AM and continue until a resolution is possibly obtained.

We await your response.

Frank & Karen Bean

 The meeting was set for October 18, 2003 and the following met in Las Vegas for most of a full day.

American Armsport Federation
Karen Bean 
Frank Bean

United States ArmSports
Denise Wattles
Leonard Harkless
Dave Devoto

Document three




Proposal presented by Karen Bean to World Armwrestling Federation.  Fred Roy, Willy Deneumostier, Assen Hadjitodorov and Dave Devoto in Canada at an Executive Council meeting.  
Karen Bean was present.

The blanked out areas were not a part of the proposal but personal notes to myself I have tried to remove.
Dave Devoto


This Agreement which was the result of the above meeting and subject to the 
World Armsport Federation

Letter from President of World Armsport Federation to Executive Committee of 
World Armwrestling Federation

Letter From Frank Bean, World Armsport Federation Executive Committee member
appointing Karen Bean to represent the World Armsport Federation 
in presenting and negotiating the agreement.


Letter Sent by General-Secretary of World Armsport Federation, BB Das 
on December 12th to United States Armsports


----- Original Message -----

Sent: Friday, December 12, 2003 4:17 AM

Subject: WAF CIRCULAR 47/2003: WAF Constitution and Rules


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Tel: 0091 33 2475 2949; Fax: 0091 33 2475 7579; E-mail:

WAF Webpage:

December 12, 2003




All WAF Members


Dear Members,

Subject: WAF Constitution and Rules


WAF has always made it a policy to follow its Constitution and Rules and this has helped us to grow big and strong.

There have recently been certain developments which are detrimental to the interests of WAF and WAF will not condone the same. It is to be clearly understood that even the full WAF Executive Committee or a majority or an individual of the Executive Committee does not have the right to overrule clauses in the Constitution. Such a case would be null and void. It is only if a WAF Constitutional provision is voted in for a change by the General Congress that that will become Law and that too after the lapse of one year after such a vote. While WAF can overlook minor infringements, interpretations of the Constitution or Rules, major infringements will not be accepted.

As matters stand, day to day policy matters of WAF will be implemented on behalf of the WAF Executive Committee by the WAF General Secretary, and no one else, and this too only if such policy is as per WAF Constitutional norms.

WAF reiterates that it is a fully democratic organization where the WAF President is the first among equals in the Executive Committee and has the main say in setting out guidelines as per the WAF Constitution. These guidelines are implemented by the General Secretary of WAF. All the Executive Committee members are equal in their advisory and voting rights as anyone else, including the President and the General Secretary. No one who is not a member of the WAF Executive Committee is qualified to represent WAF policy at any international forum or meeting, official or unofficial.

Best wishes.

Barij Baran Das



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