The first annual Chehalis Fest' 
2004 Armwrestling Championships

Right Novice 

0-154 1st John Mcleod 2nd Brian Story 3rd Jason Stewart
154-171 1st Jody Cranston 2nd Stacy Hunt
171-189 1st Juan Robles 2nd Zak Zunker 3rd Darrell Clark
189-209 1st Dave Pichler 2nd Ryan Flink 3rd Chris Williams
 209-231 1st Bob Mallon 2nd Jeramy Machafey 3rd Victor Swanson
 231+   1st David Mansell 2nd Gary Clark 3rd Dakota Ingram


Left Novice 

154-171 1st Stacy Hunt 2nd Jody Cranston 3rd Jason Stewart

189-209 1st Dave Pichler 2nd Mathew Miller 3rd Ryan Flink
 231+     1st Mayne Greenwood 2nd Dakota Ingram



0-147 1st Ashley Wildhaber 2nd Tasha Zunker 3rd Samantha Craig

147+ 1st Nicole Mason 2nd Ginger Cromwell 3rd Julie Alves
Right Open 

0-154 1st Aaron Perez 2nd Gary Alves 3rd Ron Acena

154-171 1st Alan Fisher 2nd Lex Zunker 3rd Stacy Hunt
171-189 1st Anthony Dellantonia 2nd Aaron Berry 3rd Travis Carpenter
189-209 1st Hermon McCoy 2nd John Shaw 3rd Sjon Delmore
209-231 1st John Reimer 2nd Michael VaderElse 3rd Bob Mallon
231+   1st Steve Phipps 2nd Andy Medak 3rd Gill Russell
Left Open    

0-154 1st Ron Acena 2nd Aaron Perez 3rd Darren Carlson

 154-171 1st Ron Acena 2nd Stacy Hunt
 171-189 1st Anthony Dellantonia 2nd George Weaver 3rd Travis Carpenter
 189-209 1st John Shaw 2nd Sjon Delmore 3rd George Weaver
 209-231 1st John Reimer 2nd John Lavern 3rd George Weaver
 231+  1st Steve Phipps 2nd Andy Medak 3rd Jeff Pultz
Master Right 

40+ 0-189 1st Alan Fisher 2nd Lex Zunker 3rd Gary Alves

189-209 1st Herman McCoy 2nd Mathew Miller 3rd Mike Driscoll
209+   1st Steve Phipps 2nd Sammy Hattabaugh 3rd Andy Medak
Right Overall, Anthony Dellantonia
Left Overall, Stave Phipps
Best Match, Harman McCoy & John Shaw
SuperStar Showdown  1st John Brzenk 2nd Devon Larratt 3rd Marcio Barboza 
4th Len Houghton

 Many thanks to Sol Ingram, Jacob & Deanna Abbott for an exciting new event.



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