2001 Utah Summer Games
Gold's Gym, Cedar City June 23rd

Masters Right Hand 166-198: Ed Cosnyka/ Kelly Graff
Masters Right Hand 199+: Ed Cosnyka/ Troy Campbell

Novice Right Hand 0-154: Jon Eagar/ Rick Jones/ Mike Ross/ Ben Ewell
Novice Right Hand 155-176: Ed Cosnyka/ Jake Bennett/ Dennis Allen/ Jeff Jones
Novice Right Hand 177-198: Ray Switzer/ Jared Campbell
Novice Right Hand 199+: James Gerdes/ Troy Campbell/ Jeff Sagers/ Ray Switzer

Menís Left Hand 0-132: Tito Reyes/ Jesse Campbell
Menís Left Hand 133-154: Luke Nelson/ Jon Eagar/ Tom Benedict
Menís Left Hand 155-176: Ryan Holding/ Kyle Stoor/ Justin Phillips/ Jake Bennett
Menís Left Hand 177-198: Kevin Bongard/ Spencer Graves/ Gary Dodge/Juston Phillips
Menís Left Hand 199-242: Spencer Graves
Menís Left Hand 243+: James Gerdes/ Spencer Graves/ Jeff Sagers

Ladies Right Hand 0-121: Heidi Cozzens
Ladies Right Hand 122-143: Nina Potratz/ Heidi Cozzens/ Shaila McCauley/Jaime Taylor
Ladies Right Hand 144+: Katie Graves/ Nina Potratz/ Tami Bywater/ Shayla Gerdes

Menís Right Hand 0-132: Tito Reyes/ Branden Bongard/ Dane Potratz/ Derek Schaewe
Menís Right 133-154: Luke Nelson/ Tom Benedict
Menís Right Hand 155-176: Tom Schaewe/ Kyle Stoor/ Ryan Holding/ Ed Cosnyka
Menís Right Hand 177-198: Kevin Bongard/ Spencer Graves/ Gary Dodge
Menís Right Hand 199-242: Spencer Graves/ Kody Asbury/ Gary Dodge
Menís Right Hand 243+: Kody Asbury/ James Gerdes/ Jeff Sagers



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