Team USA 

Meet the members of Team USA 2002

2002 United States ArmSports
Unified National Armwrestling

Tournament Host - Tony Picchioldi, Illinois Armsport Assn.
Tournament Directors - Leonard Harkless & Denise Wattles

Maryville Park Pavilion, Maryville, Illinois

THIS IS THE ONLY QUALIFIER FOR THE XXIII World Armwrestling Federation. 
 This year the World Championship is being held in the United States in Missouri in November 2002.
The top 2 finishers in every weight class automatically qualify 
to represent the U.S. at the WAF World Championship.


Ladies Left Hand 0-110: 
Karen Cooley/ Darlene Ingledue

Ladies Left Hand 111-121: 
Ev Wroblewski/ Darlene Ingledue/ Tonya Woods

Ladies Left Hand 122-132: 
Kelli Holmes

Ladies Left Hand 155-176: 
Jodi Stoik

Ladies Left Hand 177+: 
Cynthia Yerby/ Margie Bartz/ Cody Livergood/ Shannon Storrs



Men's Left Hand 0-121: 
David Bauer/ Shaned Brooks/ Ed Adkins

Men's Left Hand 122-132: 
Tom Wilson/ Benjie Dwyer/ Gene Denault/ Ted Ingledue

Men's Left Hand 133-143: 
R.J. Molinere/ Devin Bair/ Rick Soliwoda/ Kyle Kastanas

Men's Left Hand 144-154: 
Norm Devio/ Troy Wiedeman/ Chris Louive/ Carlos Martinez

Men's Left Hand 155-165: 
Tim Sears/ Jason Cunningham/ Ricky Cantrell/ Ben White

Men's Left Hand 166-176: 
Mike O'Hara/ Josh Stark/ Greg Wilson/ Tim Brown

Men's Left Hand 177-187: 
Mike Selearis/ Matt Stroud/ Tony Picchioldi/ Tony Villa

Men's Left Hand 188-198: 
Sterling Miles/ Rett Houdek/ Pat Beare

Men's Left Hand 199-220: 
Mike Bowling/ Todd Brown/ Michael Todd/ Robert Redden

Men's Left Hand 221-242: 
Travis Bagent/ John Ruggiero/ Lee Bonnett/ Steve Southworth

Men's Left Hand 243+: 
Christian Binnie/ Travis Bagent/ Steve Phipps/ Dan Perez



Ladies Right Hand 0-110: 
Karen Cooley/ Lisa Hall

Ladies Right Hand 111-121: 
Susan Fischer/ Darlene Ingledue/ Tonya Wood/ Dee Dee Feist

Ladies Right Hand 122-132: 
Kelli Holmes/ Darlene Ingledue/ Erica Stanks

Ladies Right Hand 133-143: 
Christine Werkhoven

Ladies Right Hand 144-154: 
Rhonda Hanel/ Christine Werkhoven

Ladies Right Hand 155-176: 
Josu Stoik/ Rosemary Holcomb

Ladies Right Hand 177+: 
Cynthia Yerby/ Margie Bartz/ Cody Livergood/ Shannon Storrs



Men's Right Hand 0-121: 
Ed Adkins/ Michael Moore/ David Bauer/ Shane Brooks

Men's Right Hand 122-132: 
Simon Berriochoa/ Ricky Bohl/ Tom Wilson/ Benjie Dwyer

Men's Right Hand 133-143: 
R.J. Molinere/ Rick Soliwoda/ Devin Bair/ Jason Rivas

Men's Right Hand 144-154: 
Bryon Thomas/ Wayne Burns/ Norm Devio/ Jerome Moore

Men's Right Hand 155-165: 
Kevin Hicklin/ Harold Ryden/ Jason Cunningham/ Jack Sanders

Men's Right Hand 166-176: 
Emlyn Williams/ James Smith/ Greg Wilson/ Josh Stark

Men's Right Hand 177-187: 
Mike Selearis/ Eric Wolfe/ Fritz Corry/ Mark Thomas

Men's Right Hand 188-198: 
Art Ebeling/ Terry Burgin/ Rett Houdek/ Sterling Miles

Men's Right Hand 199-220: 
Michael Todd/ Mike Bowling/ Rob Sasso/ Robert Redden

Men's Right Hand 221-242: 
Travis Bagent/ Don Underwood/ Matt Girdner/ Ryan Hudgins

Men's Right Hand 243+: 
Britton Matthews/ Travis Bagent/ Chad Nofzinger/ Nick Zinna



Ladies Masters Left Hand 0-132: 
Ev Wroblewski/

Ladies Masters Left Hand 177+: 
Cynthia Yerby/ Margie Bartz/ Shannon Storrs

Ladies Masters Right Hand 0-132: 
Ev Wroblewski

Ladies Masters Right Hand  133-154: 
Christine Workhoven

Ladies Masters Right Hand 177+: 
Cynthia Yerby/ Shannon Storrs/ Margie Bartz



Men's Grand Masters Right Hand 0-165: 
Steve Jeffryes

Men's Grand Masters Right Hand 166-198: 
Duke Starkel/ Frank Malis/ John Burgeson/ J. Southland

Men's Grand Masters Right Hand 199+: 
Fred Firsich/ Marty Soven/ Dennis Farrance



Men's Masters Left Hand 0-154: 
R.J. Molinere/ Chris Louive/ Randy Nelson/ Dan Stroud

Men's Masters Left Hand 155-176: 
Mike O'Hara/ Rick Schneider Dwayne Hanel/ Mike West

Men's Masters Left Hand 177-198: 
Tony Villa/ Al Bown/ John Parton/ Gerald Dees

Men's Masters Left Hand 199-220: 
Brian Bowerman/ Bob Koschel/ Kenny Friend/ Cliff Hall

Men's Masters Left Hand 221+: 
Steve Phipps/ Rodger Felkel/ Fred Firsich/ Dennis Farrance

Men's Masters Right Hand 0-154: 
R.J. Molinere/ Wayne Burns/ Dan Stroud/ Chris Louive

Men's Masters Right Hand 155-176: 
Mike O'Hara/ Mike West/ Rick Schneider/ Steve Jeffryes

Men's Masters Right Hand 177-198: 
Jeff Tomchesson/ Al Bown/ Gerald Dees/ Glenn Brooks

Men's Masters Right Hand 199-220: 
Brian Bowerman/ Keith Reed/ Bob Koschel/ Kenny Friend

Men's Masters Right Hand 221+: 
Steve Phipps/ Tim Davis/ Dennis Farrance/ Marty Soven



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