2002 Texas State Armwrestling Championship

Mall of Abilene - Abilene, Tx. Aug, 24th


Men's Masters Right Hand 0-165: Mike MacCarron/ Alan Reichenecker/ Richard Ray

Men's Masters Right Hand 166-198: Colt Middleton/ Walter Gurode/ Stacy Schaff/Steve Black

Men's Masters Right Hand 199+: Jeff Tomchesson/ Kevin Durrant/ Brian McPherson

Men's Novice Left Hand 0-154:Luke Haynes/ Richard Ray/ Christopher Richardson

Men's Novice Left Hand 177-198: Stacy Schaff/ Vincent Paluscio/ Jamie Owen/Mark Spivey

Men's Novice Left Hand 199+: Kris Kremer/ Darrell Napier/ Jesse Wright

Men's Novice Right 0-154: John Cardinal/ Bob Hillery/ Richard Ray/ Luke Haynes

Men's Novice Right 155-176: Hector Garcia/ Ben Hill/ Terrance Burke/ Kody Hogan

Men's Novice Right 177-198: Stacy Schaff/ Jaime Owen/ Toby Duarte/ Vincent Paluscio

Men's Novice Right 199+: John Davern/ Curtis Bryan/ Nathan Bunting/ Robert Collins

Men's Left Hand 0-154: Hector Garcia/ Ron Erdmann

Men's Left Hand 155-176: James Smith/ Curtis Chiap[onne/ Mike MacCarron/ Ron Erdmann

Men's Left Hand 177-198: Brad Gordon/ Jeff Tomchesson/ Walter Gurode/ Steve Black

Men's Left Hand 199-242: Gary Ray/ Rodney Gregg/ Walter Gurode/ Kevin Dorrant

Men's Left Hand 243+: Harold Owens/ Lindley Keating/ Gary Ray/ Steve Black

Ladies Right Hand 0-121: Lisa Collins/ Stephanie Henderson/ Ruby Porter

Ladies Right Hand 122-143: Aileen Bunting

Ladies Right Hand 144+: Toni Proctor/ Aileen Bunting

Men's Right Hand 0-154:Ron Erdmann/ Hector Garcia/ Jeremy Reichenecker

Men's Right Hand 155-176: James Smith/ Jason Stafford/ Curtis Chiaponne

Men's Right Hand 177-198: Jeff Tomchesson/ Brad Gordon/ Colt Middleton/ Steve Black

Men's Right Hand 199-242: Gary Ray/ Michael Nohra/ Rodney Gregg/ Kevin Dorrant

Men's Right Hand 243+: Harold Owens/ Lindley Keating/ Kelly Offield/ Kris Kremer

Men's Left Hand Overall Champion: Gary Ray

Men's Right Hand Overall Champion: James Smith

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Toni Proctor

Best Sportsmanship Award: Colt Middleton



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