2002 Texas State
Armwrestling championship Results


Men's Novice 0-176 Right                                              Men's Novice 177 & Up Right

1st-Wayne Prince of Gilmer, Texas                                  1st-John Davern of Arlington, Texas

2nd-Stan Foster of Texarkana, Texas                               2nd-Mike Kauk of Owasso, OK

3rd-Bob Hillery of Arlington, Texas                                   3rd-Zbigniew Bugaj of El Reno, OK


Men's Novice Left Open

1st-Terry Maurer of Hope, Arkansas                                

2nd- Kyle Doan of Merkel, Texas                                    

3rd-Charles Lester of Hope, Arkansas   


Men's Open Right 0-154                                                 Men's Open Right 155-176

1st-Ricky Cantrell of Dumas, Arkansas                            1st-James Smith of Hope, Arkansas

2nd-Ben Hill of Hope, Arkansas                                      2nd-Dan Stroud of Evansville, Indiana

3rd-Dan Stroud of Evansville, Indiana                               3rd-Chuck Roach of Merkel, Texas

Men's Open Right 177-198                                             Men's Open Right 199 & Up

1st-Kevin Simmons of Bossier City, Louisana                   1st-Michael Todd of Sheridan, AR

2nd-Mike Kauk of  Owasso, OK                                      2nd-Dan Whittle of Collinsville, OK

3rd-Zbigniew Bugaj of El Reno, OK                                  3rd-Brian McPherson or Pottsborro, TX

 Men's Open Left 0-154                                                  Men's Open Left 155-176  

1st-Ricky Cantrell of  Dumas, AR                                     1st-James Smith of Hope, AR

2nd-Terry Maurer of Hope, AR                                          2nd-Ricky Cantrell of Dumas, AR

3rd-Darrell Gamble of Waco, TX                                        3rd-Darrell Gamble of Waco, TX

Men's Open Left 177-198                                                 Men's Open Left 199 & Up

1st-Kevin Simmons of Bossier City, LA                             1st-Michael Todd of Sheridan, AR

2nd-Terry Maurer of Hope, AR                                          2nd-Dan Whittle of Collinsville, OK

3rd-Zbigniew Bugaj of El Reno, OK                                    3rd-Charles Lester of Hope, AR

Men's Masters Right OPEN                                              Men's Masters Left OPEN

1st-Danny Meschell of Texarkana, AR                               1st-Brian McPherson of Pottsboro, TX

2nd-Brian McPherson or Pottsboro, TX                              2nd-Rick Peters of Hope, AR

3rd-Dan Stroud of Evansville, IN                                         3rd-Dan Stroud of Evansville, IN

Ladies Right OPEN

1st-Allison Wall of Hope, AR                                                                                

2nd-Cody Livergood of Conway, AR                                                                               

3rd-Tonya Wood of Beebe, AR


Michael Todd of Sheridan, AR



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