Congratulations to Leonard Harkless, Denise Wattles and crew
for a great tournament.

2002 National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championships
Tahoe Biltmore - Crystal Bay, Nevada
Produced by USAA

Member of United States ArmSports (USA)


Results of day two
Saturday May 19, 2002


Grand Masters Right Hand 0-165: Steve Jeffryes
Grand Masters Right 166-198: Doug Holdorf/ John Burgeson/ Joe Churucca/ Charles Hughes
Grand Masters Right 199+: Skip Sheldon/ Charles Hughes/ Manuel Serpa/ Garidon Ricks

Masters Left 0-165: Rob Robertson
Masters Left 166-198: Joe Churucca/ Charles Hughes/ Zbigniew Bugaj
Masters Left 199+: Steve Phipps/ Dave Sokolofsky/ Bill Nelson

Masters Right 0-165: Lee Ecclesfield/ Steve Jeffryes/ Rob Robertson
Masters Right 166-198: Lee Ecclesfield/ Steve Jeffryes/ Zbigniew Bugaj
Masters Right 199+: Steve Phipps/ Skip Sheldon/ Dave Sokolofsky

Menís Amateur Left Hand 0-154: Terren Hoopes/ Michael Cocchi
Menís Amateur Left Hand 155-176; Robert Terry/ Joey Vierra/ John Burgeson/ Kevin Turner
Menís Amateur Left Hand 177-198: Doug Holdorf/ Troy Remaly
Menís Amateur Left Hand 199-242: Travis Davis/ Mark Evans/ Troy Remaly/ Jeff Pultz
Menís Amateur Left Hand 243+: Steve Phipps/ Pete Wabuda/ Bob Shaffer/ Jeff Pultz

Ladies Amateur Right Hand 0-143: Sonya Evans
Ladies Amateur Right Hand 143-176: Sonya Evans/ Susan Harr
Ladies Amateur Right Hand 177+: Cindy Looney/ Cara Pultz

Menís Amateur Right Hand 0-154: Terren Hoopes/ Michael Cocchi/ Ryan Weaver/ Brad Thomas
Menís Amateur Right 155-176: Robert Terry/ Joey Vierra/ Kevin Turner/ Jim Price
Menís Amateur Right Hand 177-198: Darren Wartena/ Robert Terry/ Jason Rosen/ John Kellum
Menís Amateur Right Hand 199-242: Casey Szparaga/ Mark Evans/ Allen Ferriera/ Troy Remaly
Menís Amateur Right Hand 243+: Bob Shaffer/ Steve Phipps/ Pete Wabuda/Skip Sheldon

Menís Amateur Right Hand Overall Champion: Lee Ecclesfield

Menís Amateur Left Hand Overall Champion: Steve Phipps

Best Sportsmanship Award Amateur Day: Chuck Kendricks

Amateur Day Team Champions: The Masters Club - Steve Phipps, Captain



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