Southern States Regional 
Armwrestling Championship 2004

A special thanks goes to Eagle Lanes for allowing the tournament to occur at their establishment and to Elite Tire and Automotive and Paragon, Inc. for making the tournament possible.


Boys & Girls Ages 5-7                            Boys & Girls Ages 11-13
Champion-Di-Di Bugaj                          Champion-Dustie Fritsche

2nd-Nicki Pirani                                      2nd-Lacie Poindexter
                                                             3rd-Ethan Fritsche
                                                             4th-Seth Garrison


Boys Teen 14-17
Champion-Ross Hensley
2nd-Paul Pirani
3rd-Myles MacCarron



Men's Novice Right 0-176                        Men's Novice Left 0-176
Champion-Jae Hamilton                          Champion-Jae Hamilton
2nd-Zee Bugaj                                           2nd-Bill Ray Pierce
3rd- Mike MacCarron                                 3rd Shane Hatfield



Men's Novice Left 177 & Up                 Men's Novice Left 177 & Up
Champion-Jeremy Sides                     Champion-Kyle McNiel

2nd-Jamie Burch                                   2nd-Ross Hensley



Men's Open Right 0-143                        Men's Open Left 0-165
Champion-Luke Stanley                       Champion-Luke Stanley

2nd-Myles MacCarron                             2nd-Charles Edgin



Men's Open Right 144-165            
Champion-Justin Joice                   
2nd-Charles Edgin                         

3rd-Luke Stanley                          



Men's Open Right 166-187                   Men's Open Left 166-187
Champion-Dominic Brown                  Champion-Dominic Brown
2nd-Jim Coyle                                       2nd-Jim Coyle
3rd-Jamie Burch



Men's Open Right 188-220                  Men's Open Left 188-220
Champion-Michael Todd                    Champion-Michael Todd
2nd-Don Fritsche                                  2nd-Don Fritsche
3rd-Kelly Mintz                                     3rd-Kelly Mintz



Men's Open Right 221 & Up                 Men's Open Left 221& Up
Champion-Don Fritsche                      Champion-Don Fritsche

2nd-Shanon Bradford                             2nd-Shanon Bradford
3rd-Kyle McNiel                                    3rd-Kyle McNiel



Men's Open Masters Right-Open         Men's Open Masters Left-Open
Champion-Don Fritsche                       Champion-Don Fritsche
2nd-Jim Coyle                                       2nd-Zee Bugaj
3rd-John McMillan

Ladies Open Right-Open
Champion-Tonya Wood



Men's Overall Right and Left Winner-Michael Todd



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