2005 Bud South Dakota State Armwrestling Championship
Circle Lounge – Belle Fourche – February 26, 2005


Novice Right 0-154: Ian Newman/ Lee Swesey/ Larry Hawkins
Novice Right 177-198: Daniel Mooney/ Todd Munyon
Novice Right 199+: Lucas Teigen/ Jeff Sagers/ Todd Munyon/ Jesse Heuther

Men’s Left 0-154: Justin Dockter
Men’s Left 155-176: Justin Dockter/ Don Bertolotto
Men’s Left 177-198: Joe Baker/ Kobe Thompson/ Todd Munyon
Men’s Left 199-242: Jon Goble 
Men’s Left 199+: Devin Bair/ Mark Sherrodd/ Myron Schmidt/ Jon Goble

Ladies Right 0-121: Lindsey Wolff
Ladies Right 122-143: Tami Waite
Ladies Right Hand Open: Mick McAuley/ Tami Waite/ Mary Bertolotto/ Lindsey Wolff

Men’s Right 0-154: Justin Dockter/ Ian Newman
Men’s Right 155-176: Eric Gunsch/ Justin Dockter/ Larry Favinger/ Don Bertolotto
Men’s Right 177-198: Eric Gunsch/ John Gunsch/ Kobe Thompson/ Joe Baker
Men’s Right 199-242: Luke Pulscher/ John Gunsch/ Ed Lemaster
Men’s Right 243+: Myron Schmidt/ Mark Sherrodd/ Jeff Sagers

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Mick McAuley

Men’s Left Hand Overall Champion: Devin Bair

Men’s Right Hand Overall Champion: Myron Schmidt



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