Russian Armwrestling Championship 2003



Igor Mazurenko.

On the 24-27 of April XII Russian Championships in armwrestling were held in Wolgograd (past Stalingrad). They were organized by the Russian Armwrestling Association and its President Alexander Filimonov.

400 competitors from 36 areas of Russia were participating in the Championships. Even 45 armwrestlers were entering some weigh categories. They were presenting so high level of sport that even World Champions were sometimes losing. Winning Russian Championships means being one of the best armwrestlers in the World. Before the competitions RAA's Congress was held. Citizens of 36 areas of Russian were taking part in it. During the Congress Alexander Filimonov has been chosen as the  President of the RAA for another 4 years. Igor Akhmedshin has been chosen for the Secretary. The main issue of the Congress was the unification of European and World Federations. Another important thing that   has been discussed was the Russian participation in EAF’s Congress, which is going to be held in July in Germany. The situation in Russia is not easy. There are two organizations: Russian Armwrestling Association and Russian Armwrestling Federation. RAA is bigger and it unites almost all areas of Russia.  

Next day competitions on the left hand were held in men's and women's categories and Masters' Class. 15 years old Denis Turkov was one of the most spectacular competitors. He took first place on the right hand and second place on the left hand. He was even better than Alexander Sokolov from Saint Petersburg. On the third day competitions on the right hand were held. The most interesting fights were between Bondo Hobulov and Taimouraz Tsakhilov, but finally Bondo took first place both on the right and left hand. On the fourth day of the Russian Championships open category was held. Soslan Kudziev was the winner and Alexey Voevoda's and Alan Karayev's absence made things easier for him.


Editor:  Thanks to Igor Mazurenko.



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