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World Armwrestling Federation

by WAF President Fred Roy


April 26/04

 Greetings to all armwrestlers and promoters:

 We wish to extend a sincere congratulations to the new united Asian Armwrestling Federation and its new executive committee.

 Following are some of the highlights of the championship:

 The official name of the newly formed Asian Federation is “Asian    Armwrestling Federation (AAF).”

l           Mr. Mukhaemdola Agzamov of Kazakhstan was elected as the President of Asian Armwrestling Federation.

l          Ms. Yuko Shingu of Japan was elected as the General Secretary of Asian Armwrestling Federation.

l           It was unanimously voted that 8 other national representatives (In addition to those who were physically present in the meeting, Mr. Mitsuo Endo of Japan and Mr. Bimal Kumar Chanda of India, both of whom presented official letters of nomination) were to be on the executive committee as Vice Presidents until the election in the next Asian congress meeting which will be held at the time of this year’s World Championships.  (In Japan there exist two organizations, and representatives of both organizations were recognized in the meeting, but the two should resolve the differences and form one unified federation by next year.)

l          Uzbekistan was selected as the site of the Asian Armwrestling Championship in 2005.

l          The draft of Asian Armwrestling Federation’s constitution prepared by Ms. Yuko Shingu will be reviewed by all the concerned Asian federations and will be included in the agenda for the next Asian congress meeting.

 The Asian championships were open to everyone who had an interest in building a solid democratic united federation. Those with that shared interest were as follows:

 The national representatives present in the congress meeting were Mr. Mukhamedula Agzamov of Kazakhstan, Mr. Mukambetov Djenibek of Kyrgyzstan, Mr. Fikrat Kerimov of Uzbekistan, Mr. Darigi Nadirhan of Tajikistan, Mr. Takashi Sakai of Japan (All Japan Armwrestling Federation), Ms. Yuko Shingu of Japan (In place of the president Mitsuo Endo, Japan Arm Wrestling Association), Mr. Fawad Subhani of Pakistan, and Mr. Tafreshian Reza Mohammad of Iran.

 A big thank you for all those who helped to organize the unified III Asian championship.

 We now have a united Europe, a united Asia and we are getting ready for the unified worlds to be held in Japan 2005. Africa has nine new countries in their membership and that continent is preparing the venue for the XXVI World Armwrestling Championship to be held in Durban, South Africa, Nov21 –27/04. Our host is Mr. Armand Dutoit.

  We have chosen the path that we need, to take our sport of armwrestling to the next level. The response has been immense! Let us stay the course. Thank you.

  Fred Roy



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