2004 Miller & Rockin’ R Armwrestling

Hermosa, SD – August 14th

Men's Left Hand 0-154: Marc Gerbing

Men's Left Hand 155-198: Donald Bertolotto/ Marc Gerbing/ Todd Munyon

Men's Left Hand 199-242: Travis Davis

Men's Left Hand 243+: Travis Davis/ Mark Sherrod

Ladies Right Hand Age 0-6: Kayla Sherrod/ Tiki Preston

Ladies Open Right Hand: Gloria Olawski/ Wanda Nelson/ Heidi Schaff

Men's Right Hand 0-176: Frank Bloom/ Sean Weller/ Lowell Sherrod

Men's Right 177-198: Justin Fischer/ Daryl Ferguson/ Lowell Sherrodd/ Cory Ferguson

Men's Right Hand 199-242: Travis Davis/ Alex Goeden

Men's Right Hand 243+: Mark Sherrodd/ Travis Davis

Men's Right Hand Overall Champion: Frank Bloom

Men's Left Hand Overall Champion: Travis Davis

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Kayla Sherrod

Best Sportsmanship Award: Cory Ferguson



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