Armwrestling with a Robot?


The futuristic idea of armwrestling between a human and a robot with artificial muscles seems to be closer that we think.  This challenge is going to be taken on by researchers and engineers as part of the annual international conference on Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD) that is part of the SPIE Smart Structures Symposium.  The technology of artificial muscles is still in its emerging stages but the increased resources, the growing number of investigators conducting research related to EAP, and the improved collaboration among developers, users, and sponsors are leading to a rapid progress.  In 1999, the Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen, JPL, posed a challenge to the worldwide research and engineering community to develop a robotic arm that is actuated by artificial muscles to win an arm wrestling match against a human opponent.  Progress towards this goal will lead to significant benefits, particularly in the medical area, including effective prosthetics.  Decades from now, EAP may be used to replace damaged human muscles, potentially leading to a "bionic human."  A remarkable contribution of the EAP field would be to one day see a handicapped person jogging to the grocery store using this technology.

United States ArmSports is committed to work with Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen in this endeavor using our resources of over 40 years in the sport of armwrestling.  We will actually set up a contest between one or more of our champions and the Robot.  Announcements will be made as we progress to the event.



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