Oregon State Armwrestling Championship 2005
Shilo Inn, Klamath Falls – March 19th



Novice Left 0-154: Casey Buie/ Troy Mitchell

Novice Left 155-176: Dean Walters/ Jeremy Hunsley/ Casey Buie/Josh Bracken

Novice Left 177-198: Matt Howard/ Jason Sharp

Novice Left 199+: Abel Gomez/ Brian Rowley/ Travis Greene/ James Hunsley

Novice Right 0-154: Brandon Hyde/ Casey Buie/ Shannon Clark/ Kirk Case

Novice Right 155-176: Brandon Dye/ Casey Buie/ Shawn Huwa/ Troy Mitchell

Novice Right 177-198: Adam Thomas/ Matt Howard/ Jeremy Hunsley

Novice Right 199+: Abel Gomez/ Drew Waits/ Brian Rowley/ Chris Daniels

Men’s Left 0-154: Jason Murphy/ Ken Ecclesfield

Men Left 155-176:Jason Murphy/Darren Wartena/Jeremy Hunsley/K Ronningen

Men’s Left 177-198: David Bieler/ Darren Wartena/ Matt Howard

Men’s Left 199-242: Tom Nelson/ Eric Peterson/ John Shaw/ Tony Shaw

Men’s Left 243+: Allen Ferriera/ Tom Nelson/ Chrois Daniels/ James Hunsley

Ladies Right 0-121: Samantha Rupert/ Brianna Hunsley

Ladies Right 122-143: Jennifer Hoffert/ Julie Alves/ Jennifer McDaniels

Ladies Right 144+: Kelli Nelson/ Billie Jo Winfield/ GinaHolmberg/ Trisha Moore

Men’s Right 0-154: Jason Murphy/ Ken Ecclesfield/ Gary Alves

Men’s Rt 155-176: Brandon Dye/ Darren Wartena/ Dean Walters/ Ozzie McDaniel

Men’s Right 177-198: David Bieler/ Darren Wartena

Men’s Right 199-242: Tom Nelson/ John Shaw/ Tony Shaw/ Davis Bieler

Men’s Right 243+: Tom Nelson/ John Shaw/ Sam Hattabaugh/ James Hunsley

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Kelli Nelson

Men’s Left Hand Overall Champion: David Bieler

Men’s Right Hand Overall Champion: Tom Nelson

Best Sportsmanship Award: Josh Bracken



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