2003 Missouri State Armwrestling Championships

Held at Brewskeez, Florissant, Mo. 9-20-03

Menís Right Hand Open Divisions

0-154 1st Kyle Kastanas 2nd Jeremy Plaster 3rd David Salman Jr.

155-176 1st Kyle Kastanas 2nd Shawn Dempsey 3rd David Salman Jr.

177-198 1st Bruce Pickett 2nd Rick Schneider 3rd Shawn Dempsey 4th Travis Mann

199-242 1st Scott Fleming 2nd Pat Beare 3rd Blaine Middleton 4th Sterling Miles

243+ 1st Matt Taylor 2nd Blaine Middleton 3rd Shawn Dempsey 4th Ryan Clark

Ladies Right Hand Open Divisions

122-143 1st Rhonda Hanel 2nd Dee Dee Dempsey 3rd Amanda Tongate

144+  1st Rhonda Hanel 2nd Juliet Schuenemeyer


Menís Left Hand Open Divisions

0-154 1st Jeremy Plaster 2nd Kyle Kastanas 3rd Chad Carlson 4th Rich Dean

155-176 1st Scott Compton

177-198 1st Rick Schneider 2nd Mike Snelling 3rd Scott Compton 4th Anthony Schuenemeyer

199-242 1st Scott Fleming 2nd Dwayne Hanel 3rd Sterling Miles 4th Matt Lively

243+ 1st Matt Alpert 2nd Matt Taylor 3rd Dwayne Hanel 4th Justin Diehl


Menís Novice Right Hand

0-154 1st Chad Carlson 2nd Tyler Morrison 3rd Ross Lietz 4th Lee Scheyl

155-176 1st Tim Bunton 2nd Richard Russell

177-198 1st Travis Mann 2nd William H. Martin IV 3rd Zach Smithey 4th Mike Snelling

199+ 1st Matt Albert 2nd Russ Casper 3rd Ryan Clark 4th Matt Lively


Best Sportsmanship Award goes to Matt Lively

Menís Right Hand Overall Champion goes to Scott Fleming

Menís Left Hand Overall Champion goes to Scott Fleming

Ladies Overall Champion goes to Rhonda Hanel



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