2nd annual Maryland
State Championships
4 0ct 2003

Men's Novice L/H 86kgs:
1st-C.J. Floyd, 2nd- Ed Riotte, 3rd-Shawn Byrum. 
Men's Novice L/H 86+kgs:
1st-Shawn Turner, 2nd- Steve Carbone, 3rd- B. Newton. 
Men's Novice R/H 78kgs:
1st-Andrew Thomas, 2nd- Tim Modlin.  

Men's Novice R/H 95kgs:
1st- Russ Carter, 2nd- C.J. Floyd, 3rd- Chad Eckert.   

Men's Novice R/H 105+kgs:
1st- Mike Riotte, 2nd- B. Newton, 3rd- Dale Moran.     

Men's Open L/H 78kgs:
1st- Mark Orapallo, 2nd- Les Whims, 3rd- Milt Christmas.    

Men's Open L/H 95kgs:
1st- Mike Selearis, 2nd- John Meyer, 3rd- Dave Mount.    

Men's Open L/H 95+kgs:
1st- Luke Eldridge, 2nd- Shawn Turner, 3rd- Cuff Cuffley.    

Men's Open R/H 70kgs:
1st-Les Whims, 2nd- Milt Christmas, 3rd- Keith Michel.   

Men's Open R/H 78kgs:
1st- Junior Andrews, 2nd- Mark Orapallo, 3rd- Leoni Wertheim.    

Men's Open R/H 86kgs:
1st- Mike Selearis, 2nd- John Meyer, 3rd- Mark Thomas.   

Men's Open R/H 95kgs:
1st- Mike Selearis, 2nd- George Stanton, 3rd- Charles Fisk.   

Men's Open R/H 105kgs:
1st- Rob Bigwood, 2nd- Cuff Cuffley, 3rd- Steve Carbone.    

Men's Open R/H 105+kgs:
1st- Travis Bagent, 2nd- Rob Bigwood, 3rd- Mike Selearis.  

Men's R/H Overall 86kgs:
1st- Mike Selearis, 2nd- Mark Orapallo, 3rd- John Meyer.   

Men's R/H Overall 86+kgs:
1st-Travis Bagent, 2nd- George Stanton, 3rd- Rob Bigwood.  

Women's Open R/H 67kgs:
1st-Jaiye Maris, 2nd- Arlene Pfeiffer, 3rd- Christina Byrum.     

Women's Open R/H 67+kgs:
1st- Jaiye Maris, 2nd- Arlene Pfeiffer, 3rd- Shannon Cuffley.  

Maryland Armwrestler of the Year Award:

Les Whims
George Stanton.



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