1st Annual New Jack Armwrestling Tuneup

       Tournament Sponsor: Final Score Sports Bar       Bowie, MD
       Tournament Director:  Dirty Dealer LLC   
       67 Entries         Start Time 1:30pm              End Time 6:30pm

Overall MEN Right Hand Champion:  

  Garret Stepsis   Delaware

       Overall Right Hand Second Place:  

            George Stanton       Maryland

Overall Women's Right Hand Champion:  

  Cindy Looney

Overall Right Hand Second Place:    
      Angela Arrington

         Third Place:         

   Ms Cuffley

Final Score Grudge Match Winner:  

    $100.00      Vincent  Tibbs

Novice Right Hand 0 - 154                                Novice Right Hand 155 - 176
1st Place    -     Alex Burshel                            1st Place    -     Leoni Wertheim
2nd Place  -     Vincent Tibbs                            2nd Place   -     Billy Arrington
3rd Place    -     Josh Whitt                                3rd Place   -     Jack Dietrick
   4th Place   -     Benjamin Nest

Novice Right Hand 177 - 198                                  Novice Right Hand 243+                         
   1st Place    -     Chris Gisriel                             1st Place     -     Peter Milano
2nd Place   -     Robert Baker                              2nd Place   -     B Newton
     3rd Place    -     Eric Cherovety                       3rd Place   -     Donovan Willis
4th Place    -     Steve Shoumaker Sr.                  4th Place    -    Nelson Moodie

Novice Left Hand    0 - 154                                 Novice Left Hand   155 - 177
1st Place    -     James Retarido                      1st Place   -     Chris Gisriel
2nd Place   -     James Drumm                        2nd Place  -     Eric Cherovetes
                                                                       3rd Place   -     Robert Baker

Novice Left Hand    199 - 242                           Novice Left Hand   243+
1st Place    -     Stephen Cooper                     1st Place   -     Joe Milano
2nd Place   -     Charles Fisk                           2nd Place  -     B.  Newton
                                                                       3rd Place   -     Peter Milano

PRO Right Hand 0 - 154                                      PRO Right Hand 155 - 176
1st Place    -     Les Whims                                 1st Place    -     Mick Wilhide
2nd Place   -     James Retaridos                        2nd Place  -    Chris Marks     
3rd Place    -     Alex Borshel                              3rd Place  -   Leoni Werthein
                                                                           4th Place   -   Bill Maenza

PRO Right Hand 177 - 198                                   PRO Right Hand 199 - 242
1st Place    -     George Stanton                         1st Place    -     Frank Travisano
2nd Place   -     Hank Meadows                          2nd Place  -     Cuff Cuffley
3rd Place   Steve Shoemaker Jr.                       3rd Place   -     Ch
                                                                          4th Place    -     Mike Ondrovic

PRO Right Hand 243+                                       Ladies Open
1st Place    -     Garrett Stepsis                         1st Place    -     Cindy Looney
2nd Place   -     Kevin Schneider                      2nd Place  -   Angela Arrington       
3rd Place    -     Ricky Wells
4th Place    -     Peter Milano

PRO LEFT Hand 0 -154                                     PRO Left Hand 155 -  176
1st Place    -     Les Whims                               1st Place    -     Chris Marks
2nd Place   -     Milt Christmas                          2nd Place  -     Milt Christmas
3rd Place    -     Jim Drumm                              3rd Place  -     Jack Dietterick
                                                                         4th Place   -     Mark Cahill

PRO Left Hand 177 - 198                                   PRO Left Hand 199 - 242
1st Place    -     George Stanton                       1st Place    -     Steve Cooper
2nd Place   -     Hank Meadows                        2nd Place  -     George Stanton
3rd Place    -      Steve Shoemaker Jr.             3rd Place   -     Kevin Stanton
4th Place    -     Logan Miclette                        4th Place    -    Frank Travisano

Thank you to all the tournament contestants and supporters for making our first ever New Jack Armwrestling a total success.  All the competitors were totally professional and the crowd of onlookers really got into the competition as evident by the hooping and hollering as they cheered their favorite armwrestlers.  We had quite a few new armwrestlers join the competition for the very first time.  They made an awesome showing along with the lady competitors.  Special thanks to the Final Score Bar and the Connecticut team of armwrestlers.  Hope to see everyone at our 2nd Annual Bikers Open Armwrestling Tournament at the Charles County Fairgrounds in La Plata, Maryland on Memorial Weekend.  Pull hard, pull strong.   



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