Letter from a first time Armwrestling viewer


Dear Mr. Devoto --

This is not a question, but several comments.  Until yesterday (Sat., Oct. 27, 2001, the 2001 USAA Blue Mountain Stampede "Pull for Freedom" International Tournament), the only armwrestling to which my husband and I had ever been exposed, Of course I am referring to the stereotypical vision portrayed in movies, etc.  (One guy, slightly inebriated, does the "I dare you" thing and taunts anyone who will stand face-to-face with him.)

This event was exactly opposite of that vision.  We were so in awe of what we witnessed:  the seriousness and the professionalism of a Greco-Roman approach to game participation.  The process of mixing STRATEGY and PROFESSIONALISM is just what could benefit our kids of today!  What a challenge, and one, which would culminate in increasing the kids' self-esteem and self-worth!!! 

We just can't find enough kind words with which to express our real enjoyment of this outstanding event.  Aurora, Colorado's own, D.A.R.E. Representative Police Officer, Rick Cisneros, and his wife, Laurie, for coordinating this exceptional event; Jeff Ames, "with it" MC; USAA's Denise Wattles and, last but not least, John Brzenk, are to be congratulated...BIG time :-)  By the way, I use an electric scooter for mobility (I have had 44 surgeries for four disabilities) and Denise even offered to let me sit near her so that I could really see the tournament from her vantage point.

Congratulations!  YOU ALL DONE GOOD!!!  :-)

Most sincerely,


Remember, it is not how MUCH we do, but how much LOVE we put into the


Thank you Lisa for such a wonderful letter.  The sport needs more exposure and it pleases me that you had the opportunity to witness one of our events.  It is very rewarding to receive letters such as yours. May God Bless you and your family.

Dave Devoto



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