The John Miazdzyk Award

       This most prestigious award is presented each year at the WAF World’s to a deserving individual who has shown greatness in the sport of Armwrestling either through organizing competitions or volunteerism.

     2001’s recipient has given many years of dedication and support to Armsports.  This recipient has also been a leader of our sport for longer than any other human being on the face of the earth.  He has spent 30 to 40 hours every week for many years on Armwrestling and receives no pay for his dedication.  His wisdom and leadership on the Internet has furthered our sport more than anyone else.  With that last statement you now know who is this year’s winner. 

      The 2001 JOHN MIAZDZYK AWARD winner is DAVID DEVOTO.  I’m proud to say that Dave is this year’s winner and I cannot think of a single person who deserves this award more than Dave Devoto.   Dave participated in the World’s first organized tournaments and the coverage of that event by ABC’s Wide World of Sports brought the sport of Armwrestling to the attention of millions.  Dave was the first in Armsports to recognize the importance of the Internet.  Dave first brought up the idea of the Internet in 1994 and told us it would change the World.  I will admit that I did not believe him, but he knew what was going to happen and he was right.

      In closing, I salute Dave Devoto and congratulate him on being the recipient of our sports most prestigious award.


Leonard Harkless

President USAA/USWA

Deputy Head Referee WAF



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