Copy of partial resolution of Our IAF Congress
held on 6th September, 2003

Bimal Kumar Chanda, President, Indian Armwrestling Federation.

To:    Mr. Fred Roy     /  Willy Deneumostier   /  Dave Devoto.

Dear Sirs,

I am enclosing the resolution of Our IAF Congress held on 6th September, 2003 (only the related portion to you) for your necessary action. We have conducted our 27th Sr. National Armwrestling championship from 4th to 6th September, 2003 at Gauhati University Auditorium, Guwahati, Assam, where our 22 affiliated state General Secretary were present and gave their support to fight against Mr. B. B. Das. Mr. B. B. Das also conducted National Championship in Kerala state where only 4  or 5 state were present out of our 28 Affiliated States. You can very well understand that the Dictatorship of Mr. B. B. Das has gone. He is nobody of our Executive Committee.  So how can he be the General Secretary of WAF when he has been thrown out from his own country. Presently which country he represents in WAF ???  At present he is making his own group by the members whom we never gave shelter in our federation. Resolution are :-

                           TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN                              Dated:-6th September, 03.           

" We, the  undersigned, bonafide members of Indian Armwrestling Federation, Head office at 24/3, P. Majumder Road, P.O. Haltu, Kolkata-700078, India, would like to mention here that on 25th November, 2001 we had a General Body meeting of our federation at our Head Office  and elected an Executive  Committee, Headed by Mr. Bimal Kumar Chanda as President of new committee, by the members present in the meeting and also by Proxy vote. Thereafter confirmed the same by all of us.

We have full confidence and support on Mr. Bimal Kumar Chanda as President of Indian Armwrestling Federation and to continue for full terms up to December, 2005.

But all of a sudden we received a circular from General Secretary, Asian Armsport Federation that our President Mr. Bimal Kumar Chanda has been de-recognized.  We confirm that the action taken by Asian Armsport Federation is illegal and we all have vehemently protested the action during our General Body meeting held on 9th July, 2002 at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi where Mr. B. B. Das was present and he was unable to give any positive reply. We compelled him to leave the meeting along with his second Daughter. We also protested Mr. B. B. Das's undemocratic action to form a New Executive committee of our federation without proper meeting & permission of our elected committee, when he is not the member of our Executive committee.

We have conducted our 27th Sr. National Armwrestling championships (Men & Women) at B.K.B.Auditorium, Gauhati University Complex,  Guwahati Assam from 4th to 6th September, 2003 and all  our Affiliated states have participated. In our IAF Congress, we have decided not to participate in any game organized by Mr. B. B. Das as we do not recognize him as one of the member of our Executive Committee ".

Sl.No.   Name                                                             Designation                                            Signature.

1.   Kalika Prasad Dutta                               General Secretary-IAF.                                             Sd/-
2.   Bibhuti Bhusan Jethi                              Vice-President - IAF                                                Sd/-
3.   Bijoy Kumar Sharma                              Asstt. Gen. Secretary  - IAF                                     Sd/-
4.   Kedar Ch. Sarangi                                  Executive Comm. Member                                       Sd/-
5.   Laxman Singh Bhandari                         Executive Comm. Member                                       sd/-
6.   Manoj Nair                                              General Secretary, Chhattisgarh                               sd/-
7.   Balwinder Singh                                      Executive Comm. Member                                      Sd/-
8.   Manoj Kumar   for R.K. Arora                General Secretary, Chandigarh                                sd/-
9.   Harish Bhalla                                           General Secretary, Himachal Pradesh                      Sd/-
10. Ashok Kr. Arya                                        General Secretary, Haryana                                     Sd/-
11. Md. Fahad Qurashi                  for            General Secretary, Andhra Pradesh                         Sd/-
12. Md. Younus Khan                                    General Secretary, Madhya Pradesh                        Sd/-
13. Zhalekho                                                   Executive Member, Nagaland                                  Sd/-
14. P.S. Suman                               for           General Secretary, Kerala                                         Sd/-
15. Kailash Sharma                                        President, Assam                                                       sd/-
16. Pran Pratim Chaliha                                General Secretary,  Assam                                           Sd/-
17. Hukum Singh                                           Member, Orissa                                                           Sd/-
18. S. Basaiwamoit                for                   General Secretary, Meghalaya                                     Sd/-
19. Edwand Belho                                         General Secretary, Nagaland                                       Sd/-
20. Debmalya Sengupta                                 Member, West Bengal                                                Sd/-
21. Fu Thian Sun                                           Member, Meghalaya                                                   sd/-
22. P. Chakraborty                                         General Secretary, Tripura                                         sd/-
23. Sudipta Chanda                                        Member , West Bengal                                               sd/-
24. R. K. Basu                                                Member, West Bengal                                                Sd/-
25. Santanu Gogoi                                          Member, Assam                                                         Sd/-
26. Utpal Kr. Barua                                        Member, Assam                                                          Sd/-
27   Zairemthanga                                          General Secretary, Mizoram                                       sd/-
28. Bimal Kumar Chanda                              President-  IAF                                                            Sd/-

You can very well understand the present position of Mr. B.B. Das. We are also at a loss how Dr.Gargi Das became General Secretary of Asian Federation when she was  never been in any position in our Executive committee. Please let me know whether the posts in Asian Fedn. & World Fedn could be inherited ???  Please note that nobody should be given any post  in WAF if he/she do not possess any post of Executive committee of their respective country.  Hope you have got the clear picture now. Please revert to your suggestion.   Thanks.

Bimal Kumar Chanda, President, Indian Armwrestling Federation.



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