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Minutes of the Annual General Body meeting held at Town Hall, Puri, Orissa on 24th August, 2004 to discuss and take decision on the following agenda:-


1.     President’s speech.
2.     General Secretary’s report
3.     Confirmation of the minutes of last General Body Meeting
4.     Welcome of new body of Maharashtra
5.     Bids for Junior Nationals 2005 & 2006.
6.     Zonal championships
7.     Bids for Senior Nationals 2005 & 2006.
8.     Confirmation of amendments of constitution & Change of address of Registered Office.
9.     Recognition matter & raising fund for the same.
10.     Accounts for 2003-2004, Audited by M/S. K. C. Bhattacherjee & Paul.
11.     Appointment of auditor.
12.     Miscellaneous


1.     Zhalekho  of Nagaland  -Sd/-
2.     Laxman Singh Bhandari of Delhi  - Sd/-
3.     Daljeet Singh Goraya  of Uttranchal  - Sd/-
4.     Remington Lyngdoh  of Meghalaya  - Sd/-
5.     B. B. Patranabish of West Bengal  - Sd/-
6.     Ram Krishan Arora  of Haryana  - Sd/-
7.     Balwinder Singh  of Punjab  - Sd/-
8.     Manoj Nair  of Chhattisgarh  - Sd/-
9.     Pran Pratim Chaliha  of Assam  - Sd/-
10.     Zairemthanga of Mizoram  - Sd/-
11.     Md. Fahad Quraishi  of Andhra Pradesh – Sd/-
12.     Ashish Gupta  of Madhya Pradesh  - Sd/-
13.     Kedar Ch. Sarangi  of Orissa  - Sd/-
14.     P. S. Suman  of Kerala  - Sd/-
15.     Denagra Brahma  of Tripura  - Sd/-
16.     Anil Kumar  of Himachal Pradesh  - Sd/-
17.     Manoj Kumar  of Chandigarh  -Sd/-
18.     Sangneith Thanga  of Mizoram  - Sd/-
19.     B. P. Reni  of Kerala  - Sd/-
20.     Debmalya Sengupta  of West Bengal  - Sd/-
21.     Ashok Kumar Arya  of Haryana  - Sd/-                                                              
22.     Shalinder singh  of Punjab  - Sd/-
23.     Rishi Kant  of Madhya Pradesh  - Sd/-
24.     Sanjay Choudhury  of Uttranchal  - Sd/-
25.     Vemugon Hoshi  of Nagaland  - Sd/-
26.     Bipul Das  of Assam  - Sd/-
27.     Bibhuti Bhusan Jethi  of Orissa  - Sd/-
28.     L. M. Pakyntein  of Meghalaya  - Sd/-
29.     Rajender Singh  of Delhi  - Sd/-


Meeting started at 6 PM on 24th August, 2004 and presided over by Mr. Bimal Kumar Chanda, President of our federation as proposed by Mr. Balwinder Singh, Executive Committee member of IAF and seconded by Mr. Zairemthanga, General Secretary of Mizoram state association. Following points, as per agenda, has been discussed in presence of the members present in the meeting:-

Agenda 1. :- In President’s speech, he, on behalf of IAF, conveyed heartfelt thanks to the organizers for conducting 28th Sr. National Armwrestling Championship in Puri, Orissa in befitting manner. He also whole-heartedly welcomed all state secretaries, E. C. Members of IAF, delegates / representatives of state associations, Referees and Men & Women competitors for their full co-operation to make this National Championship a grand success. He has stressed upon the need of our unity to promote Armwrestling in every corner of our country, so that the young generation (Men & Women, Boys & girls) of our country keeps themselves busy in sports and also to keep themselves mentally and physically strong for the development of our country.

He also stressed upon the need of Recognition of our game by the Ministry of Sports, Govt. of India, Indian Sports Council, Indian Olympic Association etc. and for which we have to be united and represent ourselves (all state associations) unitedly.

He has informed that the 2005 Asian Championship will be held in Uzbekistan  and 2005 World Championship in Japan.

Agenda 2 :- In General Secretary’s report, Mr. Kalika Prasad Dutta has conveyed his best wishes to the organizers and whole heartedly welcomed all state secretaries, officials, referees and competitors. He has requested to all state secretaries to work hard for popularizing our game in the district level in every state where the district associations became inactive. He has briefed before the members present about IAF’s activities for the last one-year and informed that we are trying hard for recognition of our game with the Ministry of Sports & other authorities as applied for.

He has requested all the state secretaries to send their registration certificates, news paper cuttings of district & state level championships with photographs and to keep
close contact with IAF’s Working office and Registered Office to get updated news and to convey the progress on their activities.

Agenda - 3 :-Confirmation of the minutes of last G. B. Meeting :-    The minutes has been read out before the members present and after elaborate discussion it has been passed unanimously except the bids of Kerala state association for conducting the 28TH Sr. National Championship – 2004 in Kerala, as the Kerala State association was unable to conduct the same due to some unavoidable circumstances. Hence, house agreed the inability of Kerala association on special ground.

Agenda  4 :-  Welcome of New body Maharashtra :-  The newly formed Maharashtra Amateur Armwrestling Association, headed by Sri Suresh Bodalkar as President and Sri Nitin Bhandakkar as General Secretary has been welcomed, although the Maharashtra Association was unable to attend the 28th Nationals in Puri, Orissa due to some unavoidable circumstances. Their request for granting Affiliation has been passed unanimously.

Agenda  5 :-  Bids for Junior Nationals 2005 & 2006 :-  After elaborate discussion it has been proposed to conduct the same during Sr. Nationals.

Agenda  6 :-  Zonal championships :-    It has been brought to the notice of all members by the Gen. Secretary of North Zone that they have successfully conducted the North zone championship – 2004 in Haryana.

It has been resolve that all other Zones also should conduct the Zonal championships in time.

Agenda  7 :- Bids for Senior Nationals 2005 & 2006 :-    After elaborate discussion it has been resolved that the state association giving bids for Nationals should confirm the same in writing within 3 (three) months time and send License fee of Rs.2,000/- to the IAF’s present registered office by Demand Draft favoring INDIAN ARMWRESTLING FEDERATION, payable in Kolkata.
      Sri P. S. Suman representative of Kerala state has gave their Bids for conducting 29th
      Sr. Nationals 2005 in Kerala and agreed to  send confirmation letter within 3 months
      Along with License fee  of Rs.2000/-. In case of failure, the Mizoram state assocn.
      has given their Bids for the same..
      Sri Ram Krishan Arora, General Secretary of Haryana state has gave their bids for
      Conducting the 30th Sr. Nationals 2006 in Haryana and in case of failure, the
      Meghalaya state assocn. has given their bids to conduct the same in 2006.

      The house have congratulated them for giving their bids and accepted unanimously.

Agenda – 8. – After elaborate discussion it has been passed and accepted unanimously the necessary amendments made earlier on Indian Armwrestling Federation’s constitution and also the change of address of our Registered Office from 63, Sarat Bose Road, Calcutta-700025 to 24/3, P. Mazumder Road, Kolkata-700078.

Agenda – 9. – Recognition matter – It has been resolved that the necessary follow up should be made with the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India, Indian Sports Council, Indian Olympic Association and  other authorities to expedite the recognition matter pending with the above authorities.
It has also been resolved that all affiliated states will take necessary steps at their state level  to raise their funds and donate to the IAF to meet the extra expenses require for follow up the matter and to meet the expenses require for the committee members to meet the Sports Minister in New Delhi.

Agenda – 10. – Accounts for 2003 – 2004. -  The audited accounts duly audited by M/S. K. C. Bhattacherjee & Paul of 2, Church Lane, Kolkata-700001 has been placed before the house and after elaborate discussion the same has been passed and accepted unanimously and house has authorized our President Mr. B. K. Chanda to submit the same before the Registration authority in Kolkata as per their requirements.

Agenda – 11. -  Appointment of Auditor. -  It has been resolved unanimously to appoint M/s. K. C. Bhattacherjee & Paul of 2, Church Lane, Kolkata-700001 to Audit our accounts like previous years.

Agenda – 12. -  Miscellaneous - 
(a).    Sri Pran Pratim Chaliha of Assam has submitted an application before the house, requesting the house to grant affiliation to the newly formed North Eastern Region Armwrestling Association consisting of 8 (eight) North Eastern States.
After elaborate discussion, the members present has accepted the request and granted the Affiliation.

(b).    All state secretaries have requested our General Secretary, IAF to send the copies of Affiliation certificates of the states already received Affiliation from their respective state Olympic Association & State Sports Council, so that they could follow up the same with their respective state to get Affiliation.

(c ).  Sri P. P. Chaliha, Gen. Secy. Of Assam has placed a proposal before the house that all state secretaries should approach to their respective state Ministers & M. P’s for giving recommendation letters addressed to the Chief Minister of Assam & President of Assam Olympic Association, to include our game Armwrestling as demonstration game in forthcoming National games 2005, scheduled to be held in
Assam . The state secretaries should collect the same and send one copy directly to the Chief Minister of Assam and one copy to Gen. Secy. / President of Armwrestling Association of Assam, so that the Association of Assam could follow up the same.

(d).      After elaborate discussion it has been resolved unanimously that the state associations not sending their regular progress report on their activities and not sending the results of their state & district level championships with photographs & News paper cuttings to the Registered Office, will be charged with PENALTY of Rs.1000/-. So all state secretaries are requested to send the above in time.

(e).      It has been decided that all state secretaries should mention on their letter pad that they are affiliated with Indian Armwrestling Federation and  with Asian Armwrestling Federation & World Armwrestling Federation.

(f).      All state secretaries are advised to send the names, addresses of the Executive Committee members of their each District association affiliated to them.

(g).      It has been tabled before the house about activities of Mr. Shailender Kadian that Mr. Kadian was invited in our 27th Sr. National Armwrestling championship-2003 and he was absent. Thereafter he was again invited in 28th Sr. National Championship held in Puri, Orissa from 23rd to25th August, 2004, but he was also absent without any valid reason.  So after elaborate discussion it has been resolved unanimously that Mr. Shailender Kadian’s name to be deleted from our record and he is no more member of our Federation. It has also been brought to the notice by some members, before the house, that Mr. Shailender Kadian is involved in some activities which is harmful for our federation and the same should be intimated to the Asian Armwrestling Federation & World Armwrestling Federation.

Meeting ended with vote of thanks to the members present.


(BIMAL KUMAR CHANDA)             


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