Illinois State Open and Amateur Championships

Tournament Date: August 25, 2001

Held at Rocky Vanders in Prospect Heights, Il

Referees: Gray Graff, Jeff Stroud, Scott Beamer

Tournament Director: Greg Wilson

Menís Open 154 Right: 1st - Totraz Tamaev; 2nd -Marvin Berry; 3rd - Shannon

Menís Open 176 Right: 1st - Cobra Rhodes; 2nd - Mike West; 3rd - Isaac Moon

Menís Open 198 Right: 1st - Cobra Rhodes; 2nd Scott Goloven; 3rd - Mike West

Menís Open 199+ Right: 1st - Mike Bowling; 2nd - Kent Damoree; 3rd - Craig

Menís Open 165 Left: 1st - Totraz Tamaev; 2nd - Isaac Moon; 3rd - Audrius

Menís Open 198 Left: 1st - Tony Villa; 2nd - Tom Spencer; 3rd - Scott Goloven

Menís Open 199+ Left: 1st - Mike Bowling; 2nd - Kent Damoree; 3rd - Craig

Ladies Open Right: 1st - Dalia Medziausyte; 2nd - Laima Janutiene; 3rd -
Loreta Juseuiciene

Menís Amateur 154 Right: 1st - Abdule Malik Mohammad; 2nd - Vyacheslav
Sokhiev, 3rd - Masami

Menís Amateur 176 Right: 1st - Mark Wilczak; 2nd - Syed Inayathulla
(Mukrium), 3rd - Ken Connelly

Menís Amateur 198 Right: 1st - Kurt Remmert; 2nd - Rex Kepler; 3rd - Gary Weir

Menís Amateur 199+ Right: 1st - Craig Sturgeon; 2nd - Kirk Adams; 3rd -Michael Segermark



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