2004 West Coast Pro/Am Armwrestling Championship

Presented by John Burgeson Contractors

Santa Clarita, California Ė April 17th


Novice Left Hand 0-154: Mike Lattas

Novice Left 155-176:Andy Montgomery/Tony Montgomery/ Speedy Burgeson/ Zee Bugaj

Novice Left Hand 177-198: Bryan Call/ Duane Fisher/ Matthew Reitz/ Andy Montgomery

Novice Left Hand 199+: Mike Arbanas/ Aaron Mejia/ Ed Shelton


Novice Right Hand 0-154: David Mahar/ Tyler Shaw/ Mike Cabral

Novice Right 155-176: Matt Amdahl/ Tony Montgomery/ Chad Guerreo/ Mike Fazier

Novice Right Hand 177-198: Ed Hoehle/ Bryan Call/ Brandon Shafer/ Seth Hal

Novice Right 199+: Rickey Piercey/ Mike Arbanas/ Scott Seligman/ Ken Hattestad


Ladies Novice Right Hand 0-121: Casie Dodd

Ladies Novice Right Hand 122-143: Monica Relaford/ Jennifer Cabral


Senior Grand Masters 0-198:Don Maloney/Joe Churruca/ Mike Burgeson/Jack Burgeson

Senior Grand Masters (60+) Right Hand 199+: Joe Churruca


Grand Masters Right Hand (50+) 0-165: Ian Stanton/ Mike Burgeson

Grand Masters Right (50+) 166-198: Joe Churruca/ John Gonzalez/ Speedy Burgeson

Grand Masters Right Hand (50+) 199+: Sam Hattabaugh/ Randy Sampias


Menís Masters Right (40+) Hand 0-154:Vern Martel/Gary Alves/Don Siegfried/Ian Stanton

Menís Masters Right (40+) 155-176:Allen Fisher/ Gerry Beaudry/Lee Ecclesfield/Zee Bugaj

Menís Masters Right 177-198:Eric Wolfe/Herman McCoy/Lee Ecclesfield/Don Maloney

Menís Masters Right (40+) 199-242: Eric Wolfe/ Robert Mallon/ Leon Pena/ Larry Marks

Menís Masters Right (40+) Right 243+: Steve Phipps/ Jack Wynn/ Bob Sutton


Ladies Masters Right Hand 0-143: Gerrie McGraw

Ladies Masters Right Hand 144+: Cynthia Yerby/ Elaine Blik/ Renee Mahoney


Menís Amateur Left Hand 155-176: Jeff Ames/ Tony Montgomery/ Matt Amdahl

Menís Amateur Left 177-198:Joseph Proctor/Travis Carpenter/Richard Smith/Andy Locke

Menís Amateur Left 199+: Richard Chacon/ Paul Stevens/ Mike Arbanas/ Ed Shelton


Menís Amateur Right 0-154: Mike Lattas/ Gary Alves/ Scott Huston/ Richard Ortega

Menís Amateur Right 155-176:Sebastian Lopez/Jeff Ames/Diego Degovianni/ Matt Amdahl

Menís Amateur Right 177-198:Joey Rooster/Richard Smith/Travis Carpenter/Brian Leeper

Menís Amateur Right 199+: Richard Chacon/ Tim Smith/ Tom Reynolds/ David Cline


Menís Pro Left Hand 0-154: Devin Bair/ Mark Kibel/ Greg Gray/ Ian Stanton

Menís Pro Left 155-176: Kenny Hughes/ Mike McGraw/ Chris Chandler/ Harold Ryden

Menís Pro Left 177-198: Michael Todd/ Rich Simpson/ Scott Partington/ Kevin Bongard

Menís Pro Left Hand 199-242: Robbie Topie/ Ron Bath/ Bob Shaffer/ Spencer Graves

Menís Pro Left Hand 243+: Travis Bagent/ Eric Woelfel/ Pete Wabuda/ Matt Girdner


Ladies Pro Right Hand 0-121: Jennifer Hoffert

Ladies Pro Right 122-143: Wendy Lynde/ Judy Dodd/ Gerrie McGraw/ Jennifer Hoffert

Ladies Pro Right Hand 144+: Cynthia Yerby/ Kelli Nelson/ Elaine Blik/ Lori Cole


Menís Pro Right Hand 0-132: Greg Gray/ Brent Norris/ Don Siegfried/ Shawn Town

Menís Pro Right Hand 133-154: Vern Martel. Devin Bair/ Simon Berriochoa/ Mike Kibel

Menís Pro Right 155-176: Chris Chandler/ Emlyn Williams/ Mike McGraw/ Harold Ryden

Menís Pro Right Hand 177-198: Kevin Bongard/ Don McClary/ Michael Todd/ Eric Wolfe

Menís Pro Right Hand 199-242: Ron Bath/ Jon Land/ Brian Bylbie/ Brian Brandon

Menís Pro Right Hand 243+: Matt Girdner/ Eric Woelfel/ Steve Phipps/ Travis Bagent


Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Cynthia Yerby

Menís Left Hand Overall Champion: Travis Bagent

Menís Right Hand Overall Champion: Ron Bath  

Michelob Light ďJohn Brzenk ChallengeĒ

John Brzenk/ Matt Girdner/ Travis Bagent/ Eric Woelfel



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