Grand Victoria Resort & Casino
 Championship Armwrestling

Rising Sun, Indiana - January 31, 2004



Menís Novice Right 0-154: Drew Dominique/ Andrew Platts/ Tim Moore/ Justin Morris

Menís Novice Right 155-176: Travis Bell/ Jeremy Platts/ Chad Julian

Menís Novice Right 177-198: Lanny Julian/ Randy Milkowski/ Eric Ray

Menís Novice Right 199+: Mike Arbanas/ Jody Meade/ Dan McKinney/ Roger Maiden

Menís Amateur Left 0-154: Boomer Reagan/ Justin Morris

Menís Amateur Left 155-176: Brad Simpson/ Jim Ingledue/ Ahmed Taha

Menís Amateur Left 177-198: Randy Milkowski

Menís Amateur Left 199-242: Mike VanWagoner/ Randy Milkowski/ Greg White

Menís Amateur Left 243+: Jeff Huber/ Corey Sandborn/ Greg White/ Steve Salkie

Menís Amateur Right  0-154: Drew Dominique/ Boomer Reagan

Menís Amateur Right 155-176: Brad Simpson/ Jamie Elliott/ Jim Ingledue/ Travis Bell

Menís Amateur Right 177-198: Troy McKeehan/ Lanny Julian/ Jeremy Dees/ Randy Milkowski

Menís Amateur Right 199-242: Louis Page/ Scott Mast/ Greg White

Menís Amateur Right 243+: David McQuiston/ Mark Cooper/ Corey Sandborn/ Mike Arbanas

Ladies Amateur Right 0-121: Leah Kock

Ladies Amateur Right 122-143: Darlene Ingledue/ Cathy Tarter/ Leah Koch


 Ladies Pro Right Open: Darlene Ingledue

Menís Pro Left 0-165: Jerome Moore/ Nick Kleiber/ Marvin Berry/ Jeremy Hurst

Menís Pro Left 166-198: Tony Villa/ Steve Rau/ Rex Davidson/  Tony Kitowski

Menís Pro Left 199-242: Dan Victor/ Lee Bonnett/ Craig Wirth/ Billy Kirk

Menís Pro Left 243+: Pete Wabuda/ Nick Zinna/ Craig McSherry/ David McQuiston

Menís Pro Right 0-165: Jerome Moore/ Jeremy Hurst/ Mike Dawson/ Nick Kleiber

Menís Pro Right 166-198: Steve Rau/ Oliver Metcalf/ Rick Firsich/ David George

Menís Pro Right 199-242: Dan Victor/ Lee Bonnett/ Craig Wirth/ Billy Kirk

Menís Pro Right 243+: Dan Victor/ Nick Zinna/ David McQuiston/ Pete Wabuda

Menís Right Hand Overall Champion: Steve Rau

Menís Left Hand Overall Champion: Pete Wabuda

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Darlene Ingledue

Best Sportsmanship Award: Dan Victor



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