2003 Jim Foster Memorial 
Armwrestling Championship

Caboose Saloon - Laurel, Montana April 5th


Men's Novice Right 0-154: Gavin Tesoro/ Rev Ellefson/ Eric Gifford/ Cody Nunberg

Men's Novice Right 155-176: Mioke McCollam/ Josh Ward/ Clinton Beech/ Everett Horn

Men's Novice Right 177-198: Ryan Murray/ Trevor Glumbik/ Joe Alvarado/ Eric Malcom

Men's Novice Right 199+: Matt Nelson/ Waytlon Strebig/ Kobe Thompson

Ladies Right Hand Open: Kelly Walton/ Marie McCollam/ Julie Gobin

Men's Left Hand 0-1554: Gavin Tesoro/ Eric Gifford/ Tracy Bray

Men's Left Hand 155-176: Devin Bair/ Jim Wright Jr.

Men's Left Hand 177-198: Shane Weinreis/ Aaron Lotten

Men's Left Hand 199+: Josh Austin/ Steve Muller

Men's Right Hand 0-176: Devin Bair/ Tracy Bray/ Steve Robuck/ Jim Wright Jr.

Men's Right Hand 177-242: Shane Weinreis/ Travis Davis/ Steve Ventling/ Aaron Lotten

Men's Right Hand 243+: Steve Muller/ Josh Austin

Men's Right & Left Hand Overall Champion: Devin Bair

Best Sportsmanship Award: Brandon Rausch



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