2003 Faulkner County Arm Wrestling Championships-Results  

     Weíd like to ďthankĒ our sponsors (Sci Tec Nutrition, Whatever It Takes, Central USA Distributors, GRT, The Supper Club, Funston Mud Boggs, and Juice Plus) and the participants for supporting this tournament.  Without you, there wouldnít have been a tournament!  God Bless! 

Menís Novice 0-176 Right                                         Menís Novice 0-176 Left

Champion-Zbigniew Bugaj                                      Champion-Zbigniew Bugaj

2nd-Zac McNiel                                                           2nd-David McNiel

3rd-David McNiel                                                           3rd-Chris Babbitt



Menís Novice 177 & Up Right                           Menís Novice 177 & Up Left

Champion-Damien Harding                                   Champion-Brad Huey

2nd-Kyle McNiel                                                           2nd-Kenny Boucher

3rd-Brad Huey                                                            3rd-Kyle McNiel



Menís Open 0-176 Right                                         Menís Open 0-176 Left

Champion-James Smith                                       Champion-James Smith

2nd-Shane Brooks                                                            2nd-Zbigniew Bugaj

3rd-Chris Babbitt                                                            3rd-Zac McNiel



Menís Open 177-220 Right                                     Menís Open 177-220 Left

Champion-Ben Hill                                              Champion-ďHot RodĒ Rodney Pruitt

2nd-Kenny Boucher                                                          2nd-Zbigniew Bugaj

3rd-Zbigniew Bugaj                                                  3rd-Kenny Boucher



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