Open response to the slanderous letters of Mr. BB Das


Carl Smith
Austrian Armwrestling Representative

  To:  Mr. Baran Das
      National Sport Council
      WAF / EAF    

 Please be notified;

    You send continual messages of aggression, defaming upright and integral persons. I have never received a mail from you in support of the sport of armwrestling or any involved persons. All your mails are of a negative nature. Most of them are untrue. At best, they contain only half-truths. It is unfortunately human (and animal) nature that when one is pushed in a corner he strikes back in any and all directions. You are obviously in the defensive with nowhere to go. You have only yourself to blame for this. You speak of a WAF Constitution as if you were the WAF. Be informed, you surely are not. All legal documents and facts prove the contrary. You have no regard for your own Constitution other than when it obviously appears to serve your own selfish purposes. Who are you? And at this point, who cares?!

    The sport has been seriously damaged by you and your untiring attempts to prevent the two differing sides from coming together. They have, however, come together in spite of your deceit. Your name has been called. You have separated yourself from this sport and all honest persons working for it. Your letters are on file for protocol.

    On the contrary, persons such as Fred Roy, David Devoto, Lise Blanchard, Willy Deneumostier, Petra Spatz, ... are fine people who devote their time (and personal finances) to the sport and athletes. This is most admirable. They work together with the proper councils. Your attacks against them are surely a nuisance but cannot be taken seriously or given much thought in the long run as they have no substance.

    Your so-called organization will never have any substance in Europe. I doubt it will in USA, Canada, South America or Australia. You will have your followers, as did the Pied Piper.

    For the best interest of the sport and all involved, please go away.

Carl Smith



From:  BB Das to Carl Smith:
Who are you????????????????????????????????????
From: Carl Smith to BB Das
For your information:
I am the President of the World Powerlifting Federation (WPF). The WPF recognizes and supports the WAF, with its President, Fred Roy. I am the armwrestling representative for Austria.
Having explained this, I am a nobody with no aspirations for sport executive grandeur. However, any sport business that involves the sports of powerlifting or armwrestling will go across my desk, be it National, European or International. I work with the Austrian Parliament and Federal Council.
I do not wish to receive any more of your mails. Please delete me and/or Austria from any lists you have. As of this point you no longer exist.
Carl Smith
WPF President



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