2002 USAA Blue Mountain
 Colorado State Armwrestling Championship

Eck's Saloon - Lakewood, Colorado May 4th

Boys & Girls 0-4: Jonathan Penrose/ Sarah Holmes/ Robert Penrose

Boys 5-6: Brady Balderston

Boys 7-9: Ian McKenzie/ Kenny Warner/ Ricky Lee/ Jesse Moreland

Girls 7-9: Samantha Rodrigues/ Jessica Hamby/ Melissa Rodriguez

Girls 10-12: Chamay Leanard/ Amanda Andries/ Brittany Bruder

Boys 10-12: Cole Koppang/ Shane Mowdy/ Brad Gunsch/ C J Hamby

Boys 13-15: Phillip Williams/ Harry Hallam/ Justin Hamby

Boys 16-18: Mitch Kirchner/ Ryan Miller/ David Henson/ William Hallam

Menís Novice Right 0-154: Scott Huston/ James Harvey/ John Butler/ Jeff Sanders

Menís Novice Right 155-176: Robert Cocco/ Ryan Miller/ Jeff Thao/ Dave Torres

Menís Novice Right 177-198: Bobbie Allen/ James Hay Arthur/ Tres Patrick/ Justin Sloan

Menís Novice Right 199-220: Bill Pawelcik/ Trulane Vanatta/ James Hay Arthur

Menís Novice Right 221+: Trulane Vanatta/ Russell Kiss/ Michael Bruno/ Spencer Jones

Menís Amateur Left 0-154: Shawn Kirkpatrick/ Scott Huston/ David Henson

Menís Amateur Left 155-176: Keith Powers/ Rod Severin/ Buzz Switzer/ Ryan Miller

Menís Amateur Left 177-198: Bobby Allen/ Anthony Spallinger/ Keith Powers

Womenís Amateur Right 0-143: Rachel Jones

Menís Amateur Right 0-154:Shawn Kirkpatrick/ Scott Huston/ Mike Minto/James Harvey

Menís Amateur Right 155-176: Keith Powers/ Robert Cocco/ Eric Gunsch/ Rod Severin

Menís Amateur Right 177-198: Trulane Vanatta/ Anthony Spallinger/ Ericeaton/ Tres Patrick

Menís Amateur Right 199-242: Charles Hamby/ Trulane Vanatta/ Tres Patrick

Menís Amateur Right 243+: Charles Hamby/ Russell Kiss

Womenís Pro Right 0-121: Lisa Hall/ Dawn Gregory

Womenís Pro Right 122-143: Kelli Holmes/ Laura Miller/ Tressa Lakowski/ Rachel Jones

Womenís Pro right 144+: Mary McConnaughey/ Tressa Koppang/ Rachel Monson

Menís Pro Right 0-154: Rick Steffens/ Devin Bair/ Blaine Lawrence/ Shawn Kirkpatrick

Menís Pro Right 155-176: Emlyn Williams/ Bob Brown/ Rick Steffens/ Jeff Ames

Menís Pro Right 177-198: Ed Goble/ Emlyn Williams/ Bob Brown/ Jeff Ames

Menís Pro Right 199-242: Matt Girdner/ Brad Balderston/ Cliff Hall/ Jake Fredrickson

Menís Pro Right 243+: Matt Girdner/ Brad Balderston/ Kody Merritt

Menís Pro Left 0-154: Devin Bair/ Rick Steffens/ Blaine Lawrence/ Shawn Kirkpatrick

Menís Pro Left 155-176: Emlyn Williams/ Bob Brown/ Rick Steffens

Menís Pro Left 177-198: Rich Simpson/ Ed Goble/ Emlyn Williams/ Bob Brown

Menís Pro Left 199-242: Rich Simpson/ Matt Girdner/ Cat Castro/ Cliff Hall

Menís Pro Left 243+: Kody Merritt/ Matt Girdner/ Cliff Hall

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Lisa Hall

Menís Left Hand Overall Champion: Kody Merritt

Menís Right Hand Overall Champion: Matt Girdner



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